The BEST Intervals For Fat Loss?

Last night one of my clients did what I consider one
of the best intervals for fat loss.

It is grueling.

He performed 20 Snatches on each arm with no rest
and it took him right around 1’30 to complete.

We took it “easy” (his words, not mine) and doubled
his rest – 3 minutes.

And we performed multiple sets.

This type of training is awesome for fat loss because
of the accumulation of lactic acid (assuming you’re
using the right sized KB).

In the presence of lactic acid, your body releases
growth hormone, which in turn, starts the fat-burning

(We’ve been training for about 2 years and he’s rehabbed
his knee, stripped off about 50lbs of fat, and packed on
about 20lbs of muscle.)

But what happens if you can’t do 20 Snatches in a
row on each side for multiple sets?

You start with what you can do.

Start with Swings and use shorter intervals.

I actually start all my clients with 15 second work
intervals and 45 seconds of rest and build from there.

It works like a charm.

But you’ve gotta know how to build from there.

It can’t just be “willy-nilly” or random or done by
feel – like most people do it or the way most of those
silly WOD’s set it up.

No – there’s gotta be continuity in the training process
otherwise there’s no adaptation – no fat loss.

Sure, you can get tired and feel “worked out” but that’s
about all you’ll get. OK, you might get sore too. But
neither of those ensure fat loss.

What does ensure fat loss is using intervals that you
can –

1. Complete, and
2. Have room to progress from

In a word, they must be SYSTEMATIC.

There are 16 weeks of Systematic interval training
inside “Kettlebell Burn 2.0.”

And I’ve put a package together for you that’s over 40%
off – that includes all the “Technique Shortcuts” videos –
that will help you SYSTEMATICALLY rip the fat off your
body starting with your very first workout today.

Get it here until Midnight tonight.

Talk soon.


P.S. When you follow all 16 weeks of “Kettlebell Burn 2.0″
you will SYSTEMATICALLY get stronger and leaner than
you’ve ever been. (And you’ll embarrass your friends
at the beach or pool when they’re all jiggly and you’re
lean and trim

P.P.S. You can continue to do your own WOD thing and
“feel like” you’re getting “a good workout” or you can
be systematic in your efforts and guarantee your success.
I know which one I’d pick…

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