The “Best” KB Progression?

… for what, really is the answer, isn’t it?

So let’s assume you’re looking for the best progression to
use with your KBs to achieve all-round awesomeness – 

You know, the stuff of legend:

- Extreme conditioning
- Brute grip strength (I’m sure this is what every woman
  secretly desires – “I wish I had more brute grip strength…”
- Legs and a lower back that won’t quit
- Shoulders, upper back, and arms that are chiseled from
  granite – you know – that “hard” look
- And abs – well, we’d all settle for abs that aren’t covered
  by a layer of fluff

So here’s how you go about achieving that legendary 
all-around awesomeness.

1. Learn the basic single KB lifts.

- The Swing – The foundation for KB lifting 
- The Get Up (not really a KB lift per say, but certainly
  useful to improve shoulder health, which is absolutely 
  necessary for awesomeness)
- The Press – Teaches you how to move the weight overhead
- The Clean – Teaches you how to get the KBs into the rack
- The Goblet Squat – Again, not really a KB lift, but good for
  restoring mobility to the hips and restoring proper function
  of the pelvic floor
- The Snatch – The King of the single KB lifts – great for hacking
  off body fat, improving conditioning, and developing shoulder

Depending on how committed you are, and how high your
mileage is, you should be able to do this from scratch in about
a year.

Especially if you have a “practice” mindset – where you’re 
training – practicing your KB lifts every day – 5 days a week
- taking weekends off so you can spend time relaxing.

2. Learn the double KB lifts.

They’re not that hard once you have the single KB lifts down,
especially if you have a great resource like “Kettlebell
STRONG!” to teach you.

Focus on the Clean and the Push Press first.

Once you have the Push Press down, go for the Jerk.

Both the Push Press and the Jerk build phenomenal coordination,
total body strength, and hack off the most stubborn body fat
when combined with a sensible diet.

Sure, it goes without saying that you can use the Clean + 

And you should too.

Remember, simple to complex is a progression.

No dip in the knees – the Press – simple, before a dip in 
the knees – the Push Press – complex.

If you’re starting from scratch – this will probably take you 
two years, realistically, adopting the “practice” mindset, and
assuming you have a clean bill of health with no major
limitations or pre-existing conditions, like a wonky shoulder
or trick knee.

“Wow. That looks like a lot of work and looks like it’ll take
a long time.”

Yeah, you’re right. It is a lot of work. And it will take some time.

And that’s why most people look average (average in America
is now “overweight”) and feel less than average (70% of 

Americans are on at least one medication according to a 
recent Mayo Clinic study).

Look, the next 1-2 years are going to pass whether you 
actively choose to participate in them or not.

Why not make them count for something?

Why not, as Vince Lombardi, the great NFL Hall of Fame  
coach said, “shoot for the stars and if you miss, at least hit
the moon.”

Why not create your own legend?

Why not become awesome?

Why not become the very best you can physically be?

The double KB exercises – especially the Clean + Push
Press and the Clean + Jerk will help you create your
own legendary story.

Learn how to do them correctly and safely here.

Talk soon.


P.S. What if you can’t get “all” this done in 2 years?

No big deal. Just keep going.

I’ve been on a journey the last 4 years.

I have a vision in my head and I just won’t quit.

Why not?

Because I’m not average. 

I don’t want to be average.

And as long as I have anything to say and do with it, I never
will be average.

So I just keep going until I hit my goals. 

No matter how long it takes.

Never quit.

Never give up.

Always keep moving forward.

An inch at a time if necessary.

Speaking of moving forward -

If you’re already proficient with the single KB lifts and

want to go to the next level, learn the double KB lifts here.


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