The BEST Kettlebell Assistance Exercise (Of All Time – EVER)??

I guess it’s just human nature to know what the “best”

Of course, we all know the following to be true:

– the BEST place to live is at the beach

– the BEST cigars are Cuban

– the BEST wines are French

– the BEST watches are Swiss

– the BEST food is steak

And of course, we ALL know that the VERY BEST
dessert of all time is Grandma’s Apple Pie a la mode.

Now obviously these are all opinions not facts.

(But since I am an “expert” they could actually be closer
to facts than opinions… ;-] )

Which brings me to an email I received from Viviane –

“Hi Geoff, just a quick shout out to thank you for
your emails – i look forward to reading them every

I was wondering, since you are both an Olympic lift
and KB expert, what KB exercises you would suggest
a person use to improve snatch/clean&jerk (oly lifts)
form, if any.”

Now this is a great email cause it combines two of
the BEST training modalities ever – Olympic lifts
and KB lifts.

So let me answer Viviane’s question and then we’ll
look more closely at today’s topic – “The BEST KB
assistance exercise”…

Viviane – here’s the weird thing – I never found that
any of the kettlebell lifts improved my Olympic lifts.

Weird, huh?

But what I did find was that the ballistics work improved
my stamina, and therefore my recovery time, which
means that I could get more high quality work in on
the platform.

So they increased my GPP – General Physical Preparedness –
but not my SPP – or Specific Physical Preparedness – there
was no actual carryover to the lifts themselves.

One of the former Soviet coaches – Verhkoshansky I
think – recommends Double KB Snatches standing on
boxes as a special exercise to improve the Snatch.

Ok, that answer was probably only mildly helpful, so
let’s go deeper…

You’ll have to identify your weaknesses – your limitations
and then program in various KB exercises. It’s going to
be an experiment of one – you.

Which brings me to the point of today’s email –
What is the BEST KB assistance exercise of all time – Ever?

Drum roll please maestro…

(Clears throat…)

I. Don’t. Know.


See, it really depends on YOU.

What are your weaknesses?

What are your limitations?

What are your strengths?

What do you like to do versus what should you do?

At the end of the day, we are all “Experiments of One” and
the “best” part is, we are constantly changing.

So what was the best KB assistance exercise for you 3
months ago may no longer be helpful today.

I know you may not like that answer at all so, let’s
dig down a bit and look at some of the “best” assistance
lifts I’ve found –
BEST Assistance Exercises For Some KB Lifts:

Swings – The Dead Stop Swing

This really teaches you how to “hinge” and load up your
– Place KB on floor in front of you. Hike KB between legs.
– Swing. Return KB to start position.
– Repeat.

Get Ups – Get Up to the Hand

For some reason this just seems to work like magic.
– Drive from foot, roll up to elbow, then to hand.
– Keep a big chest and your shoulders packed. (Both of them.)

Press – Seated Press

A forgotten exercise works like magic to teach you how to
pressurize your abs and push from your lats.
– Sit on floor with legs in a “V”.
– Press medium sized KB overhead at a 45 degree angle.

Snatch – High Pull

Teaches you to “float” the KB and then guide with the
– Swing a KB.
– Then Swing again and immediately after hip snap pull
KB up and back towards your face.

Snatch/Clean – The Swing

This needs no explanation other than to say when people
come to see me for technique work on their Clean or Snatch
I always look at their Swing first. 90% of problems start
Ok, hope you found that helpful.

One more thing I almost forgot – What are the BEST kettlebell

The ones that –

1. You will do
2. You have time to do
3. Are fun/challenging to do.

Workouts like these –

Gotta run – Grandma Jane’s birthday party is later on.

Talk soon.


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