The BEST Kettlebell Assistance Exercise?

I know you might be thinking it’s another kettlebell


Or maybe an ab exercise.

Getting warmer.

Ok, a bodyweight exercise?

Warmer still…

Give up?

It’s the Chin Up.

Yup, I wrote about it last week on the ol’ blog
detailing why it’s so good.
(And I did a bunch of them this weekend between

It’ll make you strong. And it’s variations will make
you even Stronger.

And being stronger means you’ll have a better
chance of burning more fat getting either that
flat stomach if you’re a woman or those abs if
you’re a guy.

(Yes, women should be able to do Chins. Heck,
my wife was doing Pull-Ups at 40 weeks

Here’s the best way to include Chins into
a kettlebell program to burn off your
unwanted fat.

Talk soon.


P.S. My favorite Chin variation is the Chin with
an “L-Seat” – where you hold your legs out
straight in front of you. You could do those in

P.P.S. Apparently, this is going away tomorrow
night at midnight.

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