The BEST MetCon Program… Ever? [TEMPLATE]

If you’ve been around for awhile you’ll know that I’m not a
big fan of MetCon – or Metabolic Conditioning – or what
some people call “cardio.”

Why not?

Because it’s heavily abused and there’s no apparent rhyme
or reason to much of what’s foisted on us in the name of

Most of my MetCon comes from simply adding weight to
my bar, increasing the size of my KBs, and/or decreasing
my rest periods.

Pretty simple really.

In other words, as one of my friends put it, it’s “strength-based

I like that.

Has a nice ring to it and makes you think twice about it.

The smartest MetCon starts slowly and builds up your
capacity over the course of time.

It gives you a chance to succeed during your workouts while
at the same time allowing your body to adapt.

And it respects the metabolic hierarchy – the different metabolic
pathways (energy systems) in your body.

For example:

What good is it for me to tell you to do swings for a minute if
you can’t do them for 30 seconds?

Or for 30 seconds if you can’t do them for 15s?

You get my point.

Yet so many programs start off too hard, too advanced
and therefore lead to frustration and even injury.

Not good at all.

That’s why I write all my MetCon programs to start out slowly
and build over the course of time.

There’s progression in there.

Less to more.

Easy to hard.

And interestingly enough, when you follow “less to more”
you end up going “easy to hard.”

What’s this look like?

Here’s a template you can use (Let’s use swings cause
they’re the simplest):

Workout 1: Sets of 10
Workout 2: Sets of 12
Workout 3: Sets of 14
Workout 4: Sets of 15

Then you can restart the cycle by adding a rep to each set
or –

By increasing the duration of your workout, or –

By decreasing your rest, or –

Well, you get the point.

Interestingly enough, that’s exactly how I designed the
“One” program.

It starts off “easy” and finishes up hard.

Really, really hard for you MetCon addicts. :-)

And it uses several different types of progression so you
get really conditioned – so you can “get your MetCon on.”

In fact, not only will it get you really well conditioned, it will
get you strong too. Very, very strong.

In fact, it gets its name – the “One” program because I was
trying to think of a minimalist program that would fulfill as
many if not all strength & conditioning needs.

The best part about the “One” program?

It “only” takes 10 minutes to perform.

“Only” 10?

Yeah, trust me, when you see it then do it, you’ll see why.

And in case you think that 10 minutes is too easy, I even had
to write a “Modifications” program for the “One” program
because so many people found it too challenging.

You’ll get both when you order your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”

What do you need to perform the “One” program?

Just a pair of KBs.

And it’s done with the most non-technical of the double KB
lifts –

The double swing.

Want a simple, challenging MetCon program that will not
get you in phenomenal shape, but will challenge your will,
get you stronger, and fit into the busiest of schedules?

Is it the BEST MetCon program ever?

I don’t know for sure, but I bet it’s close.

Find out for yourself here.

Talk soon.


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