The BEST Method For KB Training? (For BEST Results)

It’s funny, you ever wonder how we always gravitate to
“the best” in pretty much everything we do?

I mean, c’mon, nobody wants to settle for the mediocre.

(At least nobody I know.)

Which got me thinking -

What’s the best all-round method for training with ye olde



Very simple.

It’s measuring the “density” of your work –

How much work you can perform in a given period of time
and then trying to better that.

For example, if you could do 100 Clean + Jerks in 20 minutes
last week, and you shoot for 100 C+J’s in 19 minutes this

It’s that sort of thing.

Density training gives you the best of all worlds

– increased strength

– increased conditioning / work capacity


– decreased body fat (in many cases, especially if you’re
eating for fat loss)

What’s not to love about that?

Two things actually:

1) CNS drain.


It can be too taxing on your nervous system, which means
that you won’t recover from your training – especially if you
do it at the wrong time.

Which means –

Density training cannot and should not be used all the time.

You have to cycle it.

It’s usually something that has to be “worked in to.”

That is, you need to prepare your body for it.


That brings us to “thing 2″ -

2) Because you could get some nasty overuse tissue
injuries if you’re body’s not prepared for it.
(Itis-es and
the such.)

Fortunately there’s a really simple way to work into density
training and a very simple way to cycle it in your training

That’s just what I’ve done inside the “STRONG!” program
inside “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

There’s a 3-step cycle that you’ll use to not only get amazingly
strong – but to prepare your body for the types of other-worldly
conditioning and accelerated fat loss that density training
can produce.

This 3-step cycle produces the best results I’ve ever seen.

The cool thing is, when you get it right, you see results
in EACH step of the cycle.

The first cycle allows you to work on your technique without
getting fatigued.

The second allows you to refine what you worked on in
the first cycle and build up some “strength capacity.”

And the third cycle allows you to drop the “pedal to the
metal” and really make some spectacular gains.

But don’t take my word for it – check out what Chris said:

“First and foremost, thank you so much for “Kettlebell
Strong!”  I have never made such gains so quickly.  I
feel like I learned how to do each of the double kettlebell
exercises correctly for the first time, and moved from
53 to 62 pounds almost immediately.  Thank you for
the work you do to continue to improve technique and

Would you like to say that you “never made such gains
so quickly?”

Here’s where you make that happen.

Talk soon.


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