The Best Part About Getting Punched In The Face

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taking up Krav Maga.

One of my friends is a black belt KM stud and from what
he’s told me – it’s very practical, very challenging, and very

And after talking to a couple of Krav Maga guys this past
weekend, it might be time to investigate it further.

Admittedly, I’m a lot more interested in protection and
fighting now that I’m a dad.

One of the coolest things in that whole “self defense”
department that I’ve recently done was learn how to get
punched in the face.

What the…?

Yeah, earlier this year I was meeting up with a couple
of my buddies who are ex-Army and we were doing some
self defense stuff early Saturday mornings.

(Appropriately called “Fight Club.”)

One of the things we covered was how to take a punch
in the face and not shut down but to keep going and
take out your attacker.

I hadn’t been punched in the face since 9th grade
so it had been awhile and honestly, I didn’t know what
to expect.

How bad would it hurt?

Would I be able to keep my focus?

Or… What…?

So my buddy Caleb laced up his gloves, put on his
headgear and stood in front of me.

My job was to only get hit once, get through his
fists, and essentially “spear” him and drive him away
from me.

I lined up across from him, he attacked, and I, having zero
boxing skills / sparring background proceeded to take
not one but 2 shots right to the face.


Funnily enough, because I was focused on getting through
his fists I really didn’t feel the punches. Much. LOL.

That was the good news for me.

The bad news for him was that I ended up driving him across
the mat, up off his feet, and slamming him into the wall
behind us.



The best part about the experience is that as long as
you’re relatively focused, getting punched in the face is
not that bad.

And if you can keep focused, you can get through those
punches and keep going.

The biggest thing is overcoming any sort of fear you may
associate with being punched in the face.

In the same way, the best way to get your workouts done
is to just tackle them head on.

Don’t dance around them or make excuses for not doing

Just do them.

And honestly, the best time to do them is the time you
least want to.

For example, 6am.

Or after work.


Only you know.

Why is that important?

Because by confronting your perceived “fears” about
working out – you take away the negative “power” and
emotions associated with them and increase your own
personal power

One of my favorite quotes of all time – from Ralph
Waldo Emerson – bears repeating:

Or actually writing down and putting up over your
kettlebells, on your fridge, or on your mirror –

                “Do the thing, have the power.”

If you’re struggling with your workouts that’s how you
overcome them.

And the “best” type of programming to help you in the
process is the one that is relatively simple, with very few
moving parts, that provides you with powerful results.

My favorite? 

One that give you hip power to drive your buddies
through wall?

The double kettlebell Clean + Press.

If you’re an intermediate or beyond KB user, this is
undoubtedly the best investment of your time.

It works your –

[+]  Legs and Hips
[+]  Abs
[+]  Lower back
[+]  Grip
[+]  Arms
[+]  Shoulders (even chest)
[+]  And conditioning

In other words, it literally works every single part of
your body.

Learn how to do it correctly here.

Then follow a program that let’s you perfect your
technique while getting strong (and well conditioned)
in the process.

It may not be as “fun” as getting punched in the face,
but the cool thing is it’ll help you harness some of
your aggression and relieve some of your frustrations
too while sneakily getting you the results you want.

Talk soon.


P.S. I’m not saying I have this whole “getting punched
in the face” thing down pat. So you don’t need to
email me offering to help me out with some hands
on training here. LOL.

One thing I do have down pat is helping people like
you get quick results with their kettlebell training.

If you haven’t seen any in awhile, this is probably

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