The “Best” Program For Fat Loss…? (5 Critical Variables)

Just got this email the other day from Peter –

“I am getting ready to start Kettlebell Strong program.
I am looking for a recommendation on which is the best
program for fat loss.”

Obviously he’s talking about the 2 programs inside
“Kettlebell STRONG!” yet it brings up a bigger question –

And actually a concern of mine about your programming –

That you might – not saying you are – but that you
“might” be missing it -

And that it might be my fault…
That maybe I haven’t made myself clear over the last couple
of years about which is the best program fat loss program for
you. (It changes.)
So, I wanted to clear some things up – get ready to
PRINT THIS OUT. (And the next FIVE days.)

There are 5 variables you need to consider when
undertaking any fat loss program.

Critical Variable #1: STRESS levels.

This sounds like a very strange place to start a list
on critical variables, yet, stress impacts the mind,
your emotions, and therefore your will.

And if your will is weak, then your motivation,
commitment, and follow through will be be virtually
zero, so your chances for success will be slim to none.

If you are under a lot of stress, then you attention
is divided and in many cases, distracted.

Here are 3 categories – one of which you fall into:

A. Extremely stressed!

This is where your plate is full and you feel like
you can’t take anymore.

Maybe you’re a mid-level manager working 60+ hours
a week under an intolerable boss in what feels
like a dead end IT job.

Or you’re a mom with 3 kids working either full or
part time and ferrying your kids to multiple after
school activities 5 nights a weekend and both
weekend days for games.

The last thing you need is something complicated.

In fact, you should be doing just the opposite:

You need to simplify.

Your program actually needs to be lo-o-w-w-w-w-w key.


Cause you’re already cranked up and revved up –

What’s called “sympathetic dominant” – the “fight or flight

part of your nervous system is in full control.

You need something that stimulates your parasympathetic
nervous system – the “rest and digest” part of your
nervous system – the one that will help you calm down.

So your fat loss program should be EXACTLY the
opposite of your life. It should be strength focused
and easy to implement

And example would be the “STRONG!” program 2 or 3
times a week, and a 20-30 minute daily walk, plus a
long 60-90 minute walk on the weekend.

The strength work will use your fast-twitch muscle
fibers (the ones that burn the most energy – a.k.a
calories) and the walking will not only help bring
mental calm, but will also help neurologically reset
your body and improve overall circulation and health.

Plus it actually is a great calorie burner.

(These are the principles I used a couple of years ago
to drop my body fat down to around 10%.)

B. Moderately Stressed.

Sure, life is busy, but when is it not?

After all, this is what you signed up for, right? 2.5
kids, a mortgage, and, well, you know the rest…

You’re pretty regular with your workouts and they’re
not a real problem. Sure, you could be more disciplined,
but then again, who couldn’t?

You know you need to tighten up a bit on your nutrition,
but it’s nothing major – maybe just cutting back on
the desserts.

You, my friend, a prime candidate for either a true
what I call “middle-of-the-road” fat loss program –

Something that’s not overly disciplined, something
manageable – but is still a challenge.

Here are some options –

You could do a single KB program like “Kettlebell Burn
or –

You could do something a little more challenging like
fat loss complexes – like the ones in “More Kettlebell

or –

You could do a mix – a hybrid strength and conditioning
program and buckle down on your diet – use some
intermittent fasting – so something like combining
the “STRONG!” and the “One” program inside “Kettlebell

None of them are “wrong” or really “best” – it’s really
what floats your boat – what is it you’re into?

What seems like a challenge to you – but not something
so much so that it’s overwhelming? Something hard yet

C. Smooth Sailing and Stress Free (“No worries, mon…”)

Life is pretty, pretty good right now. You’re feeling
in control. No major or even minor fires to put out.

The kids are behaving and doing well in school – or
maybe they even moved out.

Finances are great – or better than they were – and
there’s nothing pressing now or on the horizon and
you’ve got either Bob Marley or Jimmy Buffet playing
in the background…

In fact, you might be up for a challenge right about
now – a little self-improvement would go a long way…

You my friend, are prime for a rapid fat loss program.

You can handle something that takes a lot of focus, a
lot of energy, and a lot of self-discipline.

Maybe something like “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” if
you haven’t done it already. And if you have, maybe
it’s time to revisit it.

At the end of the day, only you know you and your
current life situation – your current stress levels.

Well, maybe not – there is another option -You may be

oblivious like me. You’ve lived under so much stress
for so long it’s your “normal” even though it shouldn’t
(Seriously, I was talking to one of my friends not to
long ago and he was amazed that I was able to keep
up with all that was on my plate… Not bragging – just

And that’s where you need the honest feedback and
assessment from someone you care about and cares about

Get them to assess your situation – spouses or significant
others are usually really good at this.

And then plan your program accordingly.

Make sense?

I hope so – cause chances are good, that if you’re like

most of us – you probably never thought of approaching
your fat loss programs this way.

(FYI – that’s why I have a coach. He helps me evaluate
this stuff and takes care of the training details for

Ok, next time we’re going to talk about where you should

really be focusing for fat loss – and it’s not on your KBs -
they’re just a small part of a much bigger equation.

In the mean time, PRINT OUT THIS EMAIL and sit down
and re-read it. Then honestly assess your current situation

and plan accordingly. It’ll really help you out.

Talk soon.


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