The *Best* Sets And Reps For…

I have to admit something –

And you wouldn’t think this was the case, especially
meeting me in person.

Of course, like everyone else, I’d like to think I’m cool,
witty, charming, debonaire, etc. (Ok, debonaire may
be a stretch…)

But really, I’m a nerd.

See, I like crunching numbers n stuff when it comes
to weight training.

I read all kinds of material on weightlifting, program
design, anatomy, physiology, etc.

But my real passion is program design.

I love to write great programs.

I remember when I first got my job as an S&C Coach
at Rutgers I had the 118lbs wrestler come up to me.

He had been training with a powerlifter and although
he had been getting pretty strong, he couldn’t pack
on any weight.

It turns out his program design wasn’t up to snuff.

We fixed that. He quickly gained 10lbs of muscle.

Which brings me to you – what are the best sets and reps
for you to use with your KBs?

I dunno, matey. (As the British like to say.)

It all depends on your goals.

You wanna get really freaky strong?

Well then your sets and reps are going to look different
from someone who’s trying to knock off 20 pounds of

Wanna pack on some usable muscle?

Your sets and reps are going to be different from someone
who’s working to pass the Secret Service Snatch Test.

Here are some BROAD guidelines:

Strength: Up to 25 reps total, 1-5 reps, 3-5 sets,
medium to heavy weights, primarily grinds

Conditioning: up to 100 reps total, 10-20 reps per set
light to heavy weights, primarily ballistics

Strength without bulk: 10-15 reps total, 1-3 reps per set
heavy weights, Grinds

Muscle: Up to 100 reps total, 5 reps per set
medium weights, combo of grinds and ballistics

Fat Loss: This is tricky – because you can use all the
parameters above and a lot of it is dependent on diet.

One thing I know for sure about you though, is that
if your stress levels are on the high side (Heck, who’s
isn’t these days?) – You have no business doing those
marathon workouts we used to do as kids.

That’s a recipe for weakness, fatness, muscle wasting,
and injury.

Instead, you should be doing workouts like these.

Just think, you could get TWO of these in this weekend in
only 30 minutes.

Speaking of weekends – have a great one.


P.S. The biggest mistake I see in program design is the
trend to make things complicated. They don’t need to
be – your kettlebell programs should be simple and easy
to follow – and more importantly, easy to fit into your schedule.

They should be like these.

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