The *Best* Way To Snatch…

I love Snatches.

WAY more than Swings.

Maybe it’s the Olympic lifter in me.

Maybe Snatches are just more fun.

Or maybe they’re easier than Swings. After all, you get
to “rest” when the bell is fixed overhead.

I dunno.

Just love them.

Which got me thinking – What is the “best” way to Snatch?

Is it using the GS style which conserves energy and
focuses on getting the reps in?

Or is it HardStyle – which focuses on maximum power

Should you use the “corkscrew” or just go “over the top”
like we teach in StrongFirst/RKC?

Before you answer, consider this question:

“Which is the best form of red meat?”

Here’s my answer:

Does it REALLY matter?

After all, it’s RED MEAT – so it’s ALL good! LOL!

And that’s how I view the Snatch.

It’s the Red Meat of KB training. :-)

And just like you don’t eat red meat raw (except in
rare instances when carpaccio is on the menu)
you don’t just jump into Snatching.

You have to prepare for it.

Just like a really good steak is best cooked when it’s
rubbed down with some kosher salt and black pepper.

(Room temperature or straight out of the fridge –
that’s a different argument altogether…)

So how do you prepare to Snatch?

Well, contrary to what some people think, it’s not
to just snatch.

Most Westerners spend most of their days doing
what I’m doing now – sitting on their tushes either
tapping at a keyboard looking at a computer or some
other form of chair warming.

(Keyboard warriors unite!)

And that makes your body do bad things.

Like flatten your butt.

And slouch your shoulders.

And push your neck forward like a chicken.

And your thoracic spine glue together like a hardwood

And some other really nasty things too.

So it makes good sense then to spend some time
getting out of that position so you can actually put your
arm straight up over your head without damaging
that delicate little shoulder joint.

(And obviously this is where Swings go in.)

But once you get those things done, you should
snatch and snatch a lot.

Til you heart’s content.


Cause they make you really strong and give you that
“android work capacity.”

In fact, month 4 of the Inner Circle is simply called

I bet you’ll never guess why or what it’s designed to
do for you … ;-)

But the reason we wait til month 4 is cause we gotta
make you look less like the chair you’ve been sitting
in and more like the original you.

That way, when you finally do snatch, not only will
you feel awesome, but you’ll see the awesome benefits
of snatching. And that will be awesome.

(Did I mention the awesome factor involved in this?)

If you want to start feeling and being awesome,
as well as having an awesome Snatch, hustle on
over the Inner Circle.

It’s awesome.

You will be too.


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