The Best Way To Squat? (And More Importantly – WHY)

The squat is arguably the most neglected of all lifts – KB
or otherwise.


Because it’s hard and uncomfortable.

But it wasn’t always that way.


When you were a little guy or girl, you squatted quite often
and very, very well. Better than the best powerlifter or
Olympic lifter.

In fact, you hung out in a squat for most things related to
your life.

Most of your interests were on the ground and you’d simply
drop into a squat, hang out, and investigate.

Not so much anymore, huh?

Probably not.

What happened?

You sat still and were a good boy or good girl and paid
attention for 15 years. Then you went and got a job and
sat at a desk, and started staring at a computer screen.

You lost your reflexive stability.

You lost your “inner strength” – your “original strength.”

(Sounds like a good name for a book or company doesn’t
it? ;-] )

When you were a little kid you’d point your feet straight ahead
and your body would simply “accordion” itself, folding right
on top of your legs.

You didn’t worry about head, neck, chest, or eye position.

You just squatted and did your thing.

So how should we squat today since we’re so bound up
and most of us have lost some of our reflexive stability?


For Beginners…

Start with the Goblet Squat.

– Hold a KB in both hands by the horns
– Place your feet just outside of shoulder width
– Turn your feet out if necessary – 15 to 30 degrees
– Bend your knees and sit between them until your
butt sits on the back of your calves
– Use the KB to counterbalance

Get comfortable with the Goblet Squat. Perform sets of 5
to 10 reps.

As many sets as you like to get comfortable.

Watch out when first starting out – these can make you SORE
because it may have been some time since you’ve been
in this position.

For Intermediates…

Use the Single KB Front Squat.

This is where you hold the KB in the rack.

It’s an often neglected exercise because sometimes it’s hard
to balance.

That’s the point. :-)

The single KB Squat helps you find your weaknesses,
especially side-to-side –

That is, when one side doesn’t feel the same as the other.

You ultimately want to get them to feel the same.

For Advanced (Or Intermediate-Advanced)…

Use the Double KB Front Squat.

This is a beast.

It will challenge every muscle in your body.

It will also challenge your will. :-)

Here’s the thing:

Regardless of where you are on the KB user continuum,
your squat should look the same.

– Feet slightly wider than shoulder width
– Feet pointed anywhere from straight ahead to pointed out
30 degrees
– Initiate the squat with your knees and push them out and
then sit between them, ultimately resting your butt on the
back of your calves
– Do this while keeping your lower back flat
– Keep your torso upright

Why don’t you initiate the squat with your hips?

Go grab a pair of KBs and then get back to me.

Ok, I’ll save you the time:

When you push your hips back, your torso folds forward, and
that makes holding the KBs in the rack darn near impossible
because they will want to fall out and drop on your toes.

And if you try to save them, there’s a really good chance you
could strain your lower back or a wrist as the bell wants to
rotate out of the rack to the side of your body and on to the

Ok, so let’s say you’ve got the Goblet Squat down but need
help on getting the Front Squat down.

What do you do?


You start at the beginning.

You learn how to get comfortable with a KB or pair of KBs
in the rack.

I’ve outlined that process inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Not only that, you need to learn how to transition this into
the Front Squat while avoiding the 4 most common mistakes
in the Front Squat.

Don’t worry if you are making these 4 mistakes, I’ll show you

The really good news is that once you get this technique down,
your squatting becomes easy.

This means you’re more likely to do it, which means you’re
more likely to achieve your goals faster.


Because squatting, especially with a pair of KBs, makes your
whole body stronger. And that in turn will also help you
become leaner.

Learn the In’s and Out’s of the Front Squat here.

Talk soon.


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