The Big Fat Get Up Lie?

Hey – you may have heard this since you started using
ye olde trusty Kettlebell –

A big Press is built off the foundation of the Get

Well, I hate to burst any bubbles, but plenty of BIG
Presses were built off, well, lots of Pressing with
nary a Get Up in sight.

For example, here’s a workout from my training log
circa 1999 at a bodyweight of approx 220lbs:

Press 5RM: 225lbs
Push Press 3RM: 335lbs
Power Jerk 2RM: 355lbs

And that was before I knew what a Get Up even was.

So, how could I lift those kinds of numbers without
doing this Get Up thingy?


I was young.

Worse yet, I thought I knew everything. (Ah, youth…)

But, here’s a confession:

I can’t lift those types of weight now.

Why not?

Too many injuries.

How’d they happen?

I had too much “leakage.”

… which is defined as the seepage of energy from the
body due to the inability to link your body’s collective
pieces together into one strong unit.

Which is a fancy way of saying that I didn’t have full
body awareness or control.

And THAT’S the exact reason why we use the Get Up to
build a Big Press –

It teaches the opposite of “leakage” –


It teaches you how to create space when and where necessary
in order to move and to contain and direct energy to
the task at hand – like pushing big weights up over your

So, sure, you can build a Big Press without the Get Up
when you’re young, but why risk it now?

Now that you’re a little older and [hopefully] a little
wiser and have more mileage on you…

I’m certain that if I had been introduced to the Get Up
and “linkage” early in my lifting career I would’ve had
a bigger Press and way less injuries.

How can I be so sure?

Well, I can still Press my bodyweight with a barbell and
I barely Press at all anymore. (I actually took almost a
year off from Pressing.)

Part of that is due to the foundation I relaid with the
Get Up.

(And no, it’s not because I actually Pressed so much
in the past – my Press groove is different now and I
had actually lost the ability to Press my bodyweight for
awhile there…)

The most productive training plan I used for the Get Up
is called “Gettin’ Down With The Get Up” and it took me
from a busted back and using a 12kg back up to a 32kg
in only 30 days.

I’m not saying you’ll see these exact results, but I’m
sure you’ll notice pretty significant changes when you
use it too – like a less leakage and a bigger Press.

You’ll find it inside this:

Talk soon.


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