The BIG IDEA For Training For The Snatch Test Or…

… any other submaximal higher rep test.

I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to
repeat it – or rather – have someone else repeat it.

Pretty much everyone who attends or wants to attend
an SFG is worried about the Snatch Test.

100 reps in 5 minutes.

Men under 50 use a 24kg.

Women under 50 and over 130lbs use a 12kg.

And pretty much everybody goes about training it –
well, let’s just say “Sub-Optimally.”

How do I know?

Umm, well, cuz, I’ve been teaching at these events for
the last 7 years – since 2006.

Not to mention that everyone I’ve trained directly has
easily passed the RKC/SFG.

And people who use my programs, like “Kettlebell
STRONG!” and others, also easily pass.

I hope that doesn’t sound like bragging – it’s not – it’s
just stating the facts as I see them and others tell me.

So if I can impart one little piece of information that will
make your Snatches feel easier, lighter, faster, and give
you more confidence for these types of events – whether
you’re training for an SFG or just training for your own
betterment, it’s this –

Get Stronger.


And one of the easiest ways to get stronger for the Snatch
Test (not the only way, just the easiest way) is to do
heavy Double Swings.

Sets of 5.

Sets of 10.

Maybe even some longer sets of 15.

But the point is to DO them.

And do them frequently.

Two to three times a week.

Twice if you’re going to combine them with other work.

Anyway, in case you don’t want to take my word for it,
check out what Brian Gill said about the “One” program
inside “Kettlebell STRONG!” –

“Practicing with a pair of 24kg kettlebells, I was quickly
made aware of why you said I shouldn’t worry about the

Snatch Test.”

The “One” program is a “hybrid” strength and conditioning
program – that is – it’s designed to get you sick strong
and wickedly conditioned –

In only 10 minutes per session.

You’ll see why you “only need” 10 minutes once you’ve
done a couple of workouts.

Ok, ok, I said “ONE IDEA” – but that’s not really it.

It’s not “heavy double swings.”

Before I let you in on what it is, let me tell you a quick

As you may or may not know, my athletic background (such
as it is) was in wrestling and Olympic Weightlifting.

Because of that, I’ve traditionally had 1) a strong
grip and 2) strong legs.

And because of that, at my RKC in 2005 I snatched the Beast
(48kg KB) 10 times each arm without ever training for it.

See, my sporting background, especially my weightlifting
background prepared me for it.

And there’s something that weightlifters do to improve
their pulling power – i.e. improve their Cleans and their

Know what it is?

Bet you don’t.

But what you should know is that when you implement this

into your workouts, it makes those heavy double swings feel
much easier, which in turn makes that itty-bitty wittle
kettlebell you snatch with feel that much lighter.

And I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

In the meantime, get cracking’ with the “One” program

It’s 15 different workout and if you “only” do it twice
a week, it’ll take you 7.5 weeks to get through it. More
than enough time to improve your conditioning and grip
for the piddly little 5 minute Snatch Test.

Oh yeah, regarding those Double Swings – there are three
common mistakes most people make doing them – and most
people do at least one of them.

What are they and how do you fix them so you get the
most out of the “One” program?

You’ll learn them on p.41 of “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

Get your copy and get your Double Swings on here.

Talk more tomorrow…


P.S. Almost forgot – the coolest thing about the “One”
program is that you can repeat it over and over and
over again.

All you need to do is either a) swing your bells higher
or b) get a bigger set of bells.

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