The BIGGEST Question About Original Strength

Hey – forgot to get this out to you this morning.

Gotta tap it out real quick before #1 son wakes up from
his nap.

We’ve been getting LOTS of questions about the upcoming
“Original Strength” workshops.

Here’s just a couple:

“I can’t make it because I live in Australia. When are
you coming down here?”

We’ve had about 15-20 people ask us this. We may be working
on it. We have a tentative offer from an osteopath to host
one Down Under next year – stay tuned!

“I live overseas in ______ so I can’t make it. Are you
putting videos out of the course this weekend and how can
I get my hands on them?”

At this point we don’t have any intentions of recording
the contents of the workshops. So your best bet would be
to either get to one nearest you or host one yourself. :-)

“I can’t make it due to schedule conflicts. When are your
next workshops?”

You can see an updated workshop schedule on our website –

We’re so honored to be getting invitations to come do
workshops and share this incredibly simple yet powerfully
life-changing info with as many people as we can.

And we’re piling them on the calendar as fast as we can
get them scheduled. We’re already into next year – they’re
just not on the calendar.

My suggestion though is not to wait – because that’s a day,
week, month, or months longer that you’re walking around
at less than your best – settling for second best, actually.

I don’t know about you, but I NEVER want to settle for
second-best – and I’m guessing that since you’re on this
newsletter list – you’re the same way.

So… “Get thee to a workshop today!” – (to paraphrase the Bard).

And finally – probably the biggest question to date that
we’ve received about the upcoming workshops –

“I’m not a trainer. Will the “Original Strength” workshop
benefit me?”

Ok, this answer may surprise you – but YES! – and it will
probably be MORE beneficial for you than if you were a

How so?

Because once you’ve been to the workshop, you’ll now own
the concepts, techniques, and of course the regressions
to not need to work with one of them there high-priced
fancy-pants “movement experts” as they tout themselves.

(I’m sorry, and I know this may sound crass and offend you
but – doesn’t just sound like someone you’d go see if
you were constipated? Just saying’…)

So here’s where you set yourself free from the over-priced
complicated reliance on pseudo-experts.

Look, I’m not knocking trainers or guys/gals interested in
having better movement. *chuckle, chuckle*

Heck, Tim and I are trainers for pete’s sake. But some
of them just lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Ok, I know that sounds harsh – so here’s a TRUE story about
what happened to one of my clients and his team leader.

One of my clients just got back from the SFG where he was

Now he’s hosted one of our workshops before and has implemented
OS into his training and his business.

So, he’s being tested by his team leader, who’s also been to
a TON of these “movement courses,” and he’s passed 5 out of
his 6 level 1 KB drills.

But she’s giving him a hard time about his swing. She doesn’t
like it and keeps trying to “fix” it – which is funny enough
in and of itself, because as you probably know by now – all
the other lifts are based on the the foundation of the swing,
which she’s deemed as fine.

So here’s the best part – Pavel walks by and sees him
swing. He later pulls this guy up in front of the entire group
so he can demonstrate his swing and says in front of everyone –

“Here’s an example of an excellent swing.”

See the irony here?

We’ve just made this whole “movement” thing WAY TOO

And plenty of good trainers like that team leader are getting
sucked into the “movement vortex.”

Look, moving well is NOT COMPLICATED unless you make it
so. And unfortunately, WE (and I take some blame here
because I was part of the crowd) have made it so.

So do yourself a favor and set yourself free from the
complicated and forever inoculate yourself against these
guys. Here’s where you make it happen.

Finally, I’m waiting to hear back from our host in Modesto,
CA about registrations, but they’re racking up on our end
(we’re both taking them) and it tentatively looks like we
only have single digits in spaces left.

If you’re a West Coaster – or anywhere near the West Coast –
we don’t want you to miss out – make sure you sign up
before we fill up.

Gotta run – here little boy stirring. Hope to see you at the


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