The “C” Word And Your Workouts… (Not What You Think)

I recently had an epiphany.

And by recently, I mean this past weekend.

I read all sorts of books on strength training. I’ve got a copy
of Pavel & Dan John’s “Easy Strength” by my night stand
and read it pretty frequently.

There’s a section in there where they reference a guy you’ve
probably never heard of – Steve Justa.

(Steve is a mountain of a man who does things like pick
up a 500lbs barrel, put it across one shoulder and take it for
a walk.)

And Steve’s got a book called “Rock, Iron, Steel: The Book
of Strength.”

It’s a thin little book that you’d probably never give a second
glance. I know I didn’t. I bought my copy years ago – maybe
10 years ago. Read it. Shrugged my shoulders and put it
back on the shelf where it stayed until about 2 weeks ago.

Anyway, I had this radical (for me) idea based on one of
Steve’s comments in his book.

Let me back up first because I’m sure you can relate to what
I’m about to describe to you…

I’m a “cycles” kind of guy. I make decent progress but I do it
in cycles. When I was weightlifting I worked in 2 week cycles
– at least towards the end. For a long time I used 3 and 4 week

The problem that I found was that sometimes, there wasn’t
enough continuity in my training (doing enough of the same or
similar things) to produce the desired results. (Or I got injured.)

But Steve has you doing cycles that last 365 days.

That’s right – the same program for a whole year.

Sure, there’s some “waviness of load” in there – there has to
be in order to make progress – back-and-forth, back-and-forth…

… BUT you stay on the same “cycle” for a WHOLE YEAR.

So I thought, why don’t I try something completely different:

Why don’t I apply Steve’s principle to MY training?

What would happen if I just focused on doing a couple of things
for the next year?

(I’m talking about things that I’m not that good at – that I want to
improve/recapture – not returning to my stupid weightlifting days
where I’d just bang my head against the wall.)

I’ll tell you what – one of two things will happen:

1. I’ll be a heckuva lot stronger than I am today


2. I will have “wasted” a year of my life.

(Not really, I will have learned some valuable lessons along the
way for sure…)

But in order to be truly successful, I have to embrace the dreaded
“C”-word –



Just takes the wind out of your sales thinking about it, doesn’t it?

I mean, it’s just one more thing to stack on the responsibilities of
life, right?


Maybe it’s the thing that actually liberates you and frees you from
distraction and self-sabotage…

… the thing that provides consistency, predictability, and safety in
a world that some think is going crazy…

… a safe haven to go to when things aren’t looking your way…

… something that brings you joy and keeps you focused on what it
is you really, truly want…

Yeah, Commitment.

It’s a GREAT thing – eschewed in our world of instant disposability.

And that’s why many people never get where they want to go with
their workouts – because they’re always jumping around from this
WOD to the next.

Sure, they get their sweat on, but a year later, their still using the
same sized kettlebell, and have the same sized waist and same
“problem areas.”

So, here’s my challenge to you, amigo – pick a goal. Then pick a
program to follow to reach your goals. And STICK with that program.

Make it part of your life.

Embrace it.


You can do it.

And when you do, you’ll be STRONGER…

… you’ll be LEANER…

… you’ll be MORE of who you want to be and less of who you don’t.

And if you don’t know where to start, I suggest grabbing a copy of
“Kettlebell Express!” where you can start easy and finish “complicated”
and hard by laying each kettlebell program end-to-end

Will you have a whole year’s worth of training like Steve suggests?

No – you’ll have MORE. You’ll have over 6 years of programs you
can use to reach any goal you desire.

Imagine where you could be a year from now, cause I am, and the
future’s never looked so good.

Talk soon.


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