The Cheeseburger Workout (Details Inside)

Cheeseburgers. Mmmmm… My favorite…

Captain Complex here.

Geoff’s off enjoying his Labor Day Weekend – so he says – but
I think he’s up to something far more sinister – he’s been acting
very strange lately…

Anyway – the only person who likes cheeseburgers more than
me is Geoff, again – so he says – but as I was rifling through his
trash looking for evidence (more on what for some other time) –
I found “fake” ice cream – made from coconut milk.

Coconuts? Ice cream? REALLY??

I think he’s gone coconuts…

Next he’ll be eating fake cheeseburgers too.

Speaking of cheeseburgers – here’s a little workout – complex of
course – that will fire up your furnace and allow you to wolf down
a couple extra burgers this weekend.

Of course, to burn tons of calories, use a pair of KBs for this
bad boy:

Swing x5
High Pull x5
Snatch x5
Press x5
Front Squat x5
Push Press x5

And perform it for up to 6 sets. That’s right – a whopping 180 reps.
Sure, 180 reps is a piece of cake for your pansy 2 hand swings
but for a real workout like a complex, well, let’s just say you won’t
need any hot sauce on your BBQ cause you’ll already be “en fuego”…

Oh, and use a work-to-rest ratio of 1-to-2 or 1-to-1.5.

As far as weights go, use a Press 10-12RM.

This little hot dog of a workout should get your ol’ fire burnin’ and
ready for some extra beef this weekend.


Captain Complex

P.S. Geoff did want me to remind you about the health & fitness
giveaway promotion. Get your freee gifts here – apparently there’s
only a day left.

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