The Difference YOU Make!

I’ve gotten some really positive feedback from the email
I sent yesterday. One of them, was a piggy back off an
email I sent the other day and the two combined, were
some of the two best emails I’ve received maybe ever.


Cause I made a difference in someone’s life that I didn’t
even know was on my list. Those emails inspired that
person to be even better than she is. And that’s a real
honor and privilege cause she’s already great!

You know, sometimes it’s really easy to look around and
lament how things in your life may not be going the way
you want them too or the way you think you deserve.

Then you read a story like yesterday’s and think, “Man,
what kind of difference can I make?”

Here’s the deal, and you may not want to hear this, but I’m
going to shoot you straight cause we’re friends and that’s
what friends do –

God made YOU special.

YOU are not an accident or the product of random chance.

There is no one on this earth like YOU.

And He gave YOU special talents and gifts.

And they aren’t just for you. They’re for others’ benefit too.

See, YOU make a difference.

To someone.

To many.

There are skills and talents that YOU have to offer this world
in such a way – just the right way – that no one else can.

Maybe it’s to your son or daughter.

Or maybe it’s to your friend.

Or maybe it’s to a perfect stranger.

See, what YOU do matters.

And how YOU do it matters too.

Others are watching, listening, waiting – and they’re influenced
by YOU.

So never be afraid to do what YOU do best.

And if you truly love what YOU do – go do more of it!

Because this world needs more people like YOU.

And if you don’t love what you do, then keep on doing what
it is you do the best of your ability – cause you’ll still bless
someone. Keep doing that until you can find something you
do love to do. You never know, someone you blessed may
help you find that thing.

Remember, YOU have talents, skills, and traits that others
don’t – and that others need.

This world, despite what the politicians think – is not a “zero
sum game.”

YOU impact others. And the more you do, the more they,
and all the rest of us grow and benefit.

Never discount or diminish the difference YOU can and
do make – from the smallest act of kindness to the largest
act of courage to the boldest act of compassion.


And if for some reason you just can’t see that or don’t
know where to start making YOUR difference, lean on me –

If you can’t think of anything else, just forward this email along
to just one person YOU know.

Remember above all else, God made YOU special – and He
doesn’t make mistakes – YOU matter!

Hope YOU have an awesome rest of the day!


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