The “Dirty Little Secret” In The KB World

There’s a “dirty little secret” I’m betting you don’t
know about this whole KB training thing.

In fact, I didn’t fully know it until about 4-5 years ago,
and honestly, I haven’t really said too much about it.

Here’s it is:

Contrary to popular belief (and in some cases, dogma)
you actually DO need to train -

Get this –

Your ABS.


Yes, directly.

And that means that Swings and Get Ups, although good,
very good in some cases, are not always good enough.

I know, I know… More heresy.

What’s gotten into me you say?


It’s just that I used to belong to the “all you need”group
and then found out that my performance was lacking.

I used to believe that your abs got all the work they needed
from “the big lifts” – because after all, your abs primary role
is as stabilizers.

And that’s what they do – or at least are supposed to do when
you’re doing Swings, Squats, Get Ups, etc.

(Too bad nobody told this N. Korean weightlifter competing
at this year’s world championships.

Yes, he’s doing weighted, behind the neck, straight knee
sit ups! *GASP!*)


Back on track and case in point (apart from our weightlifter

In late 2010, I walked away from all KB work and did
virtually nothing but bodyweight work.

One of the things I started practicing was a lot of
direct abdominal training – a la gymnast style.

Fast forward 18 or so months, when I picked up a pair of
KBs again to beta test one of my double KB programs, and
the results astounded me:

Not only had I lost 15 pounds or so but my hip snap was
much stronger and I was able to clean a pair of 40kg KBs
for 5 sets of 10, with 2 minutes of rest between sets.

In other words, I was lighter and leaner, but STRONGER.

I had NEVER been able to do that before – even when I
was 30 pounds heavier.

And I’m not the only one.

I started having my private clients, who were all very
familiar with the KB basics, do direct abdominal work
and you know what happened to them?


The same things.

So my point is this:

If you’re leaving direct and focused abdominal work out
of your kettlebell training, then you’re leaving results
on the table.

However, not just any ol’ ab exercise will do.

There are a select number that really are bang-for-your-
buck exercises – that have a direct carryover to your
KB workouts – both your strength – AND your fat loss.

Of course one of them is the Plank. You probably already
know that.

The others?

And equally important –

How to program them into your KB training?

Unfortunately, being the slacker that I am, I don’t have
a program with all this information in it.

However, my very good friend, Chris Lopez, SFG2, does.

He has put together a program that will take you through
the holidays – for the next 8 weeks that includes direct,
focused ab work to sharpen and strengthen your KB skills.

Honestly, if I’d been thinking straight, I would’ve put
out a program like this myself.

It’s like a single KB version of “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

But with direct ab work included.

It’s called “Kettlebell Evolution.”

And not only will Chris show you the direct ab work
you need to be doing with your KB workouts to maximize
their effectiveness, he’s also put together a very
comprehensive single KB training program that you can
do in approximately 30 minutes, 3 times per week.

Oh yeah, and Chris includes a method of eating that
will might even help you actually see those abs you’re
going to be working on.

Imagine that – The rest of North America GAINS 8 pounds
over the holidays, and you get a set of abs.

Go figure.

Talk soon.


P.S. Because Chris is one of my close friends, he’s
graciously put a pretty fat discount on this thing –
something like a 62% savings off the regular price.

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