The Easiest Way I Know Of To Get Strong…

Really, really STRONG.

Ok here it is – it’s a 3-step formula:

1. Make sure you have the fundamentals in place.

2. Pick the biggest bang for your buck exercise.

3. Spend as little time as you can working out and
as much time as you can recovering.

That’s it.


Let’s break it down a little bit here…

1. Make sure you have the fundamentals in place.

As much as I hate to admit this, moving well is
a prerequisite here.

If you have a bum shoulder or bum hip (Bum hip?
Sounds kinda funny…) or some other injury – your
goal of getting really, really strong is predicated
on you getting this “hole” fixed.

Otherwise, you’re doing two things at once – and
that old proverb says, “Man who chases two rabbits
catches neither.”

So check yourself before you wreck yourself (more).

2. Pick the biggest bang for your buck exercise.

There’s LOTS of debate about this topic.

And actually, it depends on your overall strength
goal really.

Some say it’s the Swing.

Others the Snatch.

Others the Clean and Jerk.


If you forced me to choose, it would be the Clean
and Press.


Because every muscle in your body is forced to work
and work A LOT. (Plus it’s less technical than the
Clean and Jerk.)

– Shoulders. Check.
– Grip. Check.
– Arms. Check.
– Chest. Chest? Yes, chest. Check.
– Legs. Check.
– Hips. Check.
– Abs. Check.

What else is there?

Plus, it’s “primal.” ha ha

You pick something up from the ground and then
you hoist it over your head.

Plus, and maybe it’s just us (we?) guys feel
awesome and empowered when we get to put “heavy”
weights over our heads.

I know I do. (Which is probably why I keep doing

(DISCLAIMER: I don’t know for certain how ladies
feel doing the C+P – in fact, if you ask my wife –
I don’t know how women feel at all… Sorry… But based
on the women I’ve worked with over the years it also
makes them feel empowered. )

Not only that, when the weights are heavy enough,
you can actually drop some body fat without doing
any traditional conditioning. (More on that later
this week.)

3. Spend as little time as you can working out and
as much time as you can recovering.

We, especially in our little KB world, have gotten
caught up in “working out” – and working out a lot.

Instead, we should be “training” – and the beauty
of the KB is that you really don’t have to train
much more than two hours a week, max.

In fact, depending on your stress levels, you’d be
better served if you trained as little as possible
so that you can recover.

So the more stressful your training session, the
more time you’d need to recover.

Many of us forget this, which is why we have a hard
time seeing the results we want.

So many of us are “stimulus junkies” – as someone
once put it.

We get our “fix” off the workouts and how we feel
while we’re doing them and immediately after with
little regard to long term results.

When we do stop to evaluate our long term results,
we scratch our heads perplexed at our lack of progress.

Then many of us just redouble our efforts, killing
ourselves even more in our workouts, cause by golly,
if some is good, more is definitely better.

The reality is this:

Your workouts, your training – should give you WAY
more than they take from you.

You don’t have to and nor should you kill yourself
in order to make and more importantly – see progress.

The “Strong” program inside “Kettlebell STRONG!” is
a perfect example (if I do say so myself) of all 3
of these principles in practice.

1. I show you how to perform the exercises correctly
and provide corrections in the rest of the DVDs/book.

2. The program is based on the Clean + Press.

3. And it’s short – 2 to 3 days a week, based on your
stress levels and your recovery ability, and they’re
short – less than 2 hours a week.

Best part is, you’ll get results – fast. And you’ll
get strong – fast.

Don’t take my word for it though – get your copy here.

Talk soon.


P.S. You honestly really don’t have to spend as much
time as you think training to get strong. It can be
done in as little as two days a week.

So if you’ve struggled in the past with trying to cobble
a program together based on your schedule to reach your
goals, those days are history.

Here’s where find your solution.

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