The Fart Smell In The Kitchen (Offensive: Smell Not Email)

Just before I left last week to head to NC for the OS Level 2
workshop I had to stop over at my buddy Mike’s.

He’s my insurance agent and I needed to sign my new life
insurance policy paperwork to activate the policy. (Plus I
got to pick up the results of my lab test – cholesterol down
30 points! Woo-hoo!)

We got to talking about stuff and then went into his kitchen
where his wife was cooking dinner.

I just about choked as I inhaled what can only be described
as a massive fart smell.

Of course being a guy, I started giving my buddy a bunch
of well-deserved grief.

Then I saw his wife go over to the stove, remove the lid
off the pan, and stir the broccoli.

Now when my wife makes broccoli, it doesn’t smell like
she just used the bathroom and forgot to spray or light
a match.

So I’m not sure what was going on there – but he and I
both got a good chuckle over it.

What in the wide, wide world of sports does this have
to do with your KB training?

Broccoli is supposed to be good for you.

But sometimes you just don’t want to eat it because of…
the smell or whatever.

Kettlebell training can be like that too.

You have preconceived and very real ideas about what
a work out “should” be versus what it “could” be.

Personally, I think workouts should fit your lifestyle and
your current limitations.

You can either keep dogging your workouts or you can
find the 20 to 30 minutes 3 times per week to get them

Sometimes, like eating broccoli, you just have to “hold your
nose” and do your workouts because they’re just good
for you.

The key is to have a very particular goal and then pick
the biggest bang-for-your-buck exercises to get you
to your goal as fast as possible.

This breeds consistency in your workouts.

Consistency breeds momentum

And that momentum builds positive psychological

That means once you get going it’ll be easier to KEEP

I recommend rank beginners use Swings.

For the intermediate and advanced, I recommend using
the double kettlebell Clean and Press.

After you get your momentum, you no longer have to
hold your nose to get your workouts done because
working out no longer stinks.

Too bad the same can’t be said for broccoli.

Talk soon.


P.S. For a Clean + Press program builds consistency,
momentum, gives you pretty quick results, and best of
all, doesn’t stink go here.

P.P.S. A great way to keep your kitchen from smelling
like your bathroom when cooking broccoli is to do what
my wife does –

Cut up your broccoli, put some olive oil on it, and then
stick it under the broiler. Mmmmm… Seems to digest
better too.

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