The Fat Loss Merry-Go-Round?

Round and round it goes.

Up and down up and down.

The Merry-go-round is one of my son’s favorite rides.

When we go to the zoo, he goes on it.

When we were in Cali, he went on one.

If there’s a merry-go-round, he wants to ride it.

Round and round he goes.

Up and down up and down.

For many people, fat loss is like that.

Their weight goes up. Then it goes down. Then up. Then
down again.

Round and round and round they go, year after year on
this cycle of frustration.

If that’s you, keep reading.

You’re going to learn how to get off that Un-Merry-go-round
for good.

It’s really simple – follow these 3 steps:

1. COMMIT to changing your lifestyle

Getting the body you want – one that’s lean, strong, and
healthy is a COMMITMENT.

You have to change some of the things you’re doing now –

The things that are causing you to regain the body fat.

– Overeating
– Excessive alcohol consumption
– Random/drive-by snacking
– Eating sugary foods
– Eating processed foods like crackers, cookies, etc.
(Usually anything made with white or whole wheat flour)
– Poor or lack of sleep
– Random workouts
– Late night snacking

There’s just no way around it – if you want to lose fat,
you HAVE to change your eating habits.

(There’s a simple method you can use to still eat your
favorite foods that actually ACCELERATE your fat loss.
More on that in a minute…)

2. Train intelligently using your KBs.

One of the fallacies of KB training is that “all” you
need to do is Swings.

Look, I’m not saying “just” doing swings won’t help you
strip off SOME fat. They will.

Here’s an interesting correlation though – for some people,
the more swings they do, the hungrier they get.

Which means as they increase the number of swings, they
increase the amount of food they eat.

And if you know ANYTHING about losing fat, it’s that
over the course of time, you must be in a caloric deficit
compared to where you are now.

So, if you’ve done that “Bazillion Swing Workout” and
found your hunger raging out of control – well, that
explains it.

Many people actually forget about the “slow strength”
work you can and SHOULD do with your KBs to aid/increase
your fat loss.

AND you should learn some “advanced” KB exercises to
include in your fat loss programming – the Snatch is
one of the best exercises I know of for fat loss.

If your fat loss program doesn’t include a healthy dose
of snatches in it, there’s a great possibility you’re
leaving results on the table.

3. Stop trying to go it alone.

I’m gonna be blunt with some of you:

If you’re not familiar with program design, that is, you
don’t make your living as a strength coach or a trainer,
you have no business trying to construct your own KB fat
loss programs.

Your just guessing and hoping and wasting your time.

Many times, this is because many people are opposed to
paying for high quality professionally designed training

The famous cliche holds true here:

You get what you pay for.

Freebies are good.

But one of the reasons there’s a price tag associated
with a great professionally designed KB program is
not only because they’re built off of the understanding
of physiological adaptation which you don’t know how
to do – but equally as important –

Because when you pay for something, you are putting skin
in the game.

It’s a form of commitment.

You’re putting your money where your mouth is.

Yeah, I know that’s not popular to say, but durn it!

It’s time to grow up, be honest with ourselves, and do
what it is we say we want to do and understand that
there’s a cost associated with doing so.

But that cost doesn’t have to be that great.

And all you need to do it is a single medium-sized KB.

(Although some people will use 2 KBs – one light and one

Here’s what you get today:

[+] A 16-week, 4-phase, 3-day a week KB including self-
regulating workouts and a fat-burning nutrition program
laid out step-by-step so it’s easy to implement and follow

[+] Weekly email coaching to keep you motivated

[+] 11 KB Technique Shortcuts Videos so you know exactly how
to perform each kettlebell exercise safely, quickly, and
effectively in the program, including the Snatch

[+] The 3-Day Metabolic Accelerator which shows you how to
eat all your favorite foods – including pizza, ice cream
burgers, and fries, and ACCELERATE your fat loss.

This extreme discount is only available this week only.

So if you want to FINALLY get off that fat loss merry-go-round,
and lose about 2 pounds per week, then get your copy of the 

Talk soon.


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