The Fat Loss Myth That Just Won’t Die (Don’t Fall For This)

*This is a true story. The names have been changed to
protect the guilty.*

Last week I had to make a run to the bank to make a wire

I shouted down my usual banker – a young guy named

He and I got talking.

“What’s new?” he asked.

“Not much…” I responded.

Knowing he’s a Marvel comics fan, I said, “Well, we did
see ‘The Wolverine’ this past weekend. Great flick.”

“I’m trying to decide if I want to rip up this summer like
Hugh did for the movie.”

“Oh yeah?” he replied, “I’m trying to get my abs this summer
too. I quit drinking and I’m going to Gold’s Gym.”

“That’s great,” said I. “What are you doing for your workouts?”

And here it comes…

First off, I was truly shocked at his answer. In this day and
age, with all the newsstand media, that’s finally up to speed
with most of the fat loss science…

So this was his response:

As Jonathan rubbed his stomach up and down he said,

“I’m doing about 20 minutes of abs and running 3 miles a


So I said, “Do you mind if I give you some advice? You
know I’ve been making a living in the fitness industry
since 1993, so I know what I talking about.”

“Oh yeah – sure – that’d be great”
he responded.

And that’s the #1 Myth About Fat Loss –

“Targeted ab work + Cardio”

Seems to make sense.

But it never, ever, works.

Of course, you probably already know this since you
are using KBs.

But you know what else?

There’s another myth – or let’s call it a half-truth -

that pervades our community.

Here it is:

Swings are “all” you need for maximum fat loss.

Now, you may have had some success using swings
with your fat loss.

Many people do.

And that’s awesome.

But let me ask you a serious question:

Was it as much as you wanted or expected?

Or were you somewhat disappointed?

(Like the girl who emailed me who actually GAINED
10 pounds at only 5 feet tall doing a Swing + Get Up
workout program. Yikes.)

Yeah, see, that’s the ticket.

“As much as you wanted…”

Now look, losing 20 pounds in 30 days is unrealistic…

Or is it?

What if I told you there was a way for you to lose 20
pounds of fat and transform the look, shape, and feel
of your body in only 29 days…?

Would you be interested in that?

What if you “only” lost 17 pounds?

Or how about as much as 36?

Yeah, that’s right, in only 29 days.

I don’t know exactly how much you have to lose or
how much you want to lose, but there’s a way to
do it and it’s not as hard or demanding as you might
think it should be.

The key is knowing how to structure your workouts and
your eating to:

1. Maximize the number of calories you burn

Different KB workouts have different caloric expenditures.

A workout made up of heavy grinds burns a different
amount of calories than a ballistics only workout.

And, more importantly, they have a different impact on
your body’s hormones.

Speaking of…

2. Maximizing hormonal output and restoration

More often than not, the reason the whole “calorie in /
calorie out” idea of fat loss doesn’t work is because it
doesn’t take into account your hormones.

If you want to lose fat at a faster than normal pace, then
you need to maximize your fat-burning hormonal output
and minimize your fat-storing hormone output.

Seems like common sense yet most people miss this.

This is done through different training mechanisms
and by..

3. Maximizing recovery

Another key to burning fat rapidly is being able to do as
much work – that is – burn as many calories as possible
during the time period you’re trying to lose fat.

Well, duh… Right?

Well this is where most people screw up.

See, it’s not how much you can work out –

It’s how much you can recover from those workouts.

If you can’t recover, then you won’t see results.

Worse yet, if you keep trying to workout and you haven’t
recovered enough (not fully, just “enough”) between workouts
you can actually start storing fat.



If you want a step-by-step plan to strip to lose up to 10%
of your current bodyweight in the next 29 days, then check
this out.

(Make sure you read it VERY Carefully because it will
explain why you have some of the frustrations you do with
your body.)

Talk soon.


P.S. Memorial day is less about 3 weeks away.

Use this to get ready for the beach, the pool, whatever so
you can look and feel your best in record time.

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