The Forrest Gump Kettlebell Plan

This is gonna sound like I’m complaining, but I’m not.

It’s just funny, cause this is like a microcosm of life – no
matter how well you plan it, it never quite turns out the
way you envision it.

Case in point:

Our son keeps waking up every morning around 4am

I usually wait for about 5 minutes, and then go in and
soothe him for around 30 seconds, without holding
or touching.

Then I leave and go back to bed.

If he doesn’t settle down, I go back in 10 minutes later.

If he still doesn’t calm down, I go back in 15 minutes

This morning, I went in 3 times between 4 and 5:30am.

So, I’m kinda wiped – especially cause I was up til 11:30
last night.

But life is like that, right?

Just like Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you’re gonna get.”

I bet if Forrest developed a kettlebell plan it would probably
be something simple – like a lot of Swings, maybe some
Get Ups.

Remember when he just went running and didn’t stop?

Yeah, I bet he would do some Swings like that.

But he wouldn’t just jump into them. Nope.

As “simple” as Forrest was, he was no dummy. Sure, he
ran across the US, but remember, he was a “running
fool” since he was a kid.

So by the time he ran across the US, his body was fully
prepared for all that running.

And that’s how Forrest would design a kettlebell plan
I think.

Do something daily at a low enough volume and intensity
that you can recover from so you can make progress and
see results.

Unfortunately, we can’t jump in our DeLorean time machines
and jump back to when we were kids and start Swinging
or something to build up that kind of volume.

We can however commit to doing just a little bit of something
today and every day.

Kind of like the “Something’s Better Than Nothing” program
in “Kettlebell Express!”.

You’re doing something every day, but only for 10 minutes.
ANYONE can do that.

And the best part of this type of program is that I think it
would be “Forrest Approved.”

Gotta run, [Forrest, run!]


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