The “Friday” Workout (PRINT THIS OUT)

Happy Friday.

TGIF and all that.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when Friday
rolls around, I’m bushed.

Honestly, it’s the one day of the week I’m most tempted
to skip my workout.

I just want to chill out by the end of the day.

The problem is, if you’re training 3 days a week and you
miss Friday –

You’ve missed a third of your workouts.

And that’s not good.

At least not if you want to make progress.

So I’ve come up with a unique little template you can use
today to “get your workout” in – if that’s something you
struggle with.

Here it is (You might want to Print This Out for future

1. Make it a short workout – something that’s easily

15 minutes. (My favorite.)

20 minutes tops.

2. Pick one or two “low emotion” exercises.

These are exercises that are very easy for you to do and
don’t require any sort of “amping up” for.

Examples may be:

+ The Swing

+ The Snatch

+ Pull Ups (Yes! Bodyweight! It’s ALL fair game!)

+ Parallel Dips (Yes! MORE Bodyweight!)

3. Do the exercise by itself or pair it with another

+ 1H Swings for 15 minutes

+ Pull Ups alternated with Parallel Dips for 15 mins

+ 2H Swings alternated with Push Ups for 15 mins

The point is to just do something relatively easy.

4. Make it relatively easy.

Now is not a time to go “all out” or “ballz-to-the-wall”
(sorry ladies).

The point is to get some work done.

If you get going and you feel good – awesome. Ramp
it up a little.

And the final and most important point –

5. Do it before you sit down!

That’s right – Do it immediately when you get home!
(If you’re not an AM or lunch workout kinda person.)

If you sit down and “relax” first, you’ll never get it done.

You’ll “do it tomorrow” along with everything else you’ve
saved up for the weekend.


Ok, I realize that I gave you some suggestions.

But you may be so tired or burnt out from your week
that if you have to make a choice between this workout
or that workout –

You’ll choose to pop open a cold one instead.

Fair enough.

So do this today:

– Set your timer for 15 minutes
– Alternate between 1H Swings and Push Ups
– Rest as needed between sets
– Do as many reps as you comfortably can each set
and stop the set when you get tired.
– For the sake of ease – make it 10 1H Swing + 10 Push Ups
– Alternate hands on each set of swings
– If you can’t do Push Ups, make it Pumps

That’s it.

When you’re done, go enjoy your weekend.

I’m outta here too.

Talk soon.


P.S. Speaking of short workouts – I got some emails
yesterday saying the link to the video for Kettlebell
was broken.

Sorry about that. Not sure what happened. Everything
was good on my end before I sent the email out.

So, if that happened to you, and you frustrated because
you were unable to click through to get your copy and
still want one –

Here’s a direct link to the shopping cart.

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