The George Costanza Kettlebell Method

Do you remember that “Seinfeld” episode where George
Costanza picks up that hot girl by doing the opposite of
everything he’s ever done?

Instead of posing and making up his normal lies, he tells
her the truth – that he’s balding, overweight, out of a job,
and lives at home with his parents.

There’s something to be learned from ol’ George with
how we go about getting the results we want from our
KB training.

The first thing we must do is be honest with ourselves –
tell ourselves the truth.

What do we REALLY want?

And then WHY do we really want it?

Whatever the answers are, they’re ok.

For me, I’m completely out of my element right now. I’m
working on some gymnastics stuff which I completely and
utterly suck at, at least for the time being.

I never would’ve worked on this stuff before because it
took me out of my supposed comfort zone.

But it all fits in with my bigger goals – to be a dad who has
lots of energy to play with his kid or kids, should we be
blessed enough to have another one.

The second is to actually IDENTIFY and then DO the things
that will bring you closer to what you really want.

Again, I’m doing a bunch of gymnastics work right now. Take
Saturday for example: I was working on and failing miserably
at the Muscle Up. I’m having the toughest time making the
“nose to toes” transition of actually getting up an over.

Why am I doing stuff I suck at?

Because it makes me more athletic for one. For another, and
more importantly, it brings me closer to my goals – being the
best dad I can be.

And here’s the kicker – cause I’m sure you’re wondering –

“Hey – why are you talking about gymnastics stuff? I thought this
was about kettlebells…”

Because these gymnastics movements actually make my
kettlebell lifting BETTER. I know, because I’ve been testing it.

And that’s the third and final piece of the puzzle – test out what
you’re doing so you make sure you’re helping yourself reach
your goals and get the results your after.

Let’s face it, many of us just want to be able to get our workouts
in consistently, be able to measure our progress, and still have
time and energy left over to spend with our families.

Here’s a bunch of workouts – over 49 in fact, that help you
achieve your goals by doing the opposite of what most people
are doing now – these have you work out LESS to see results
instead of more.

Talk soon.


P.S. If you think you can’t see results from doing the opposite
of what you’re doing now and working out less – think again.

“I just dropped 5lbs over a period of 6 weeks without even trying.
I’m happy and my clients are happy because they are busy people
like us.” – Nikki Orosa

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