The Hard Way…

Imagine walking uphill… without shoes… in the snow…
both ways…

You may remember that from our dad’s or grandad’s
description of going to school when they were kids.

Always good for a laugh and of course to prove a point –
that we have it pretty easy compared to generations
before us.

Or do we?

These days seem to be simpler with technology, but
they really aren’t.

Technology accelerated the pace of life and now, beyond
anything our grandfathers could’ve imagined, we have
WAY too much competing for our attention and time.

That’s why it astounds me when I see people – maybe you –
trying to “go it alone” with their kettlebell workouts.

You barely have time to put your kids to bed without
your brain jumping to the next 50 things left on your “to do
list” –

Now you want to study the mechanisms of adaptation of
the human body and “design” your own kettlebell

With what time?

And what energy?

See, that’s doing things the “hard way.”

And that’s just – and forgive me for being so blunt – dumb –
because not only do you not have to – but you don’t have
the skills to do so.

That’s doing things the hard way because you think that
there’s value in doing something the hard way.

That may be true in certain things – like using high tension
techniques in your kettlebell training over a more relaxed
method –

But when it comes getting results with your kettlebell
workouts – you should be using programs that are proven
to yield results – so you don’t have to waste your time
trying to reinvent the wheel.

For example, for simple, rapid fat loss programs, nothing’s
better than then ones found in “More Kettlebell Muscle.”

How’s stripping off 2-3 pounds of fat in around an hour a
week sound to you?

See, that’s the EASY WAY.

Trying to design your own programs to do the same thing?

The HARD way.

It’s like that old expression goes:

“The man who represents himself in court has a fool for
an attorney.”

Quit doing things the hard way when you don’t have to –

Especially when it works AGAINST you.

For simple, time-efficient, rapid fat loss, get “More Kettlebell
Muscle” today.

Talk soon. Gotta go call my attorney…


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