The Harsh Slap Across The Face Of Reality

So I’m at Whole Foods the other day with my friend Zach who’s got a burly beard.

We’re standing in line together at the coffee bar and because the coffee lady knows him, says to him, “So… Is this the dad?”


Zach is 23.

And apparently, even with his beard, he couldn’t hidehis age.

Or apparently my gray hair couldn’t hide mine.

What a reality check.

Sure, I’m old enough to be his dad… but my kids are young!

Heck, my daughter isn’t even 2 yet!

And I feel so young!

Too bad I couldn’t fool the Coffee Lady…

(Maybe I need “Just For Men”… Nahhhh…)

What’s my point?

I don’t know about women, but most of us guys think of ourselves as still somewhere between 18 and 23.

We don’t necessarily identify with the man in the mirror.

How else can you explain how many guys blow their achilles tendons playing recreational sports like pick-up basketball?

(There are 2.6 injuries per 1000 and 83% of those were men[1].)

So how then do we reconcile the man (or woman) we think we are in our heads with the man (or woman) we see in our mirrors?

How do we close the gap, turn back the clock, and get our “mojo” back?

That’s one of the reasons I designed “Kettlebell 365.”

Learn how it works here.

Talk soon.


P.S. If you’re a woman reading this, would you mind replying back and telling me how old you think of yourself?




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