The “Kettlebell Abs Myth”… (Don’t Fall For It!)

Have you fallen for the “Kettlebell Abs Myth?”

You probably have.

I know I have and I’ve actively helped
keep it alive during my career.

It’s quite simple and seductive, but oh-so

“With Kettlebells you don’t need to work
your abs.”

Sounds awesome, right?

But it’s so WRONG!

Let me explain, because I’ve gotten some
emails last week asking me about this.

If you sit in a chair for most of the day
your hips get tight and your abs get “sleepy.”

Your body no longer uses them effectively
so it uses other things, like your lower
back. (This is why people lean back on the
top of their Swings.)

The simplest way to train your abs is from
the “bottom up.”

It’s basically using your legs to tilt
your pelvis back toward your chest –

Yeah, you’re right – like the old fashioned
“reverse crunch.”

That will help you start to really lock
up your abs on your Swings, so you can
actually feel your abs more.

Another one is the “Russian Ballet Leg Thrust”
which you can find here.

And when you’re ready, the very advanced
“Dragon Flag.”

The reality is, we have gotten away from
training our abs and it has made us weak.

A simple way to improve your strength is
to start working your abs from all positions
and I’m not just talking Planks either.

They’re a good start, but nowhere near
enough in my opinion.

I think this is a GREAT resource for you
and when you spend some time here, you’ll
notice the following –

1. Your abs will become flatter and harder
2. Your kettlebell grinds will become stronger
3. Your kettlebell ballistics will feel

At least that’s been my experience and my
clients’ experiences.

Talk soon.


P.S. Here’s something else that no one thinks
about – stronger abs will help your digestion.
You’ll just have to trust me on this. When I
started working my abs again, I stopped needing
all those digestive aides.

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