The “Kettlebell Junkie” Mistake (Did You Fall For This?)

Sorry I didn’t get this out to you yesterday – had to take a
dose of my own medicine – which I’ll explain in a minute.

I don’t know who I heard this from first, but I recall someone
saying that the kettlebell community tends to attract
“stimulus addicts” –

Or as I like to call them – “workout junkies”.

You might recognize them in either a friend or even yourself –

It’s someone who is literally addicted to working out.

The more, the better.

Sure, we covered a little bit of this before, but not from this

Workout Trap #5: No Recovery = No Results.

The chances are pretty good that you’re not a professional
athlete – that you don’t get paid to train – to work out.

So why work out so darn much?

Oh, yeah, that’s right, because you “feel” like if you don’t
that you’ll suddenly get weak or fat or both.

So let me ask you this:

Are you actually MEASURING your results or are you
just going by how you “feel?”

Because in most cases, especially for a Workout Junkie,
the two don’t line up.

You know you’re a Workout Junkie if you work out (hard)
more than 3 days a week for any length of time.

(Short, shock cycles, like “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”
don’t count.)

If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen your strength numbers
go up, despite all your Get Ups and Presses –

And your body fat go down, despite all your Swings and
Snatches –

Or worse -

Your strength numbers are going down and your body fat
is going up –

Then you, my friend, are a Workout Junkie.

And there’s only one cure:


Cold Turkey.

That’s right – you need to rest.

Resting = Recovering.

And Recovery is where Results are found.

You know, those things you say you want – actual perceivable,
measurable, changes.

Now I usually train every day – not hard though. 3 “traditional”
sessions with 3 light/easy sessions.

(We were made to move, you know.)

However, I’ve been burning the candle from both ends lately
so even I have to back off every now and then.

I took the past two days completely off and actually went to
bed early – WAY EARLY last night – 6:30pm – my son and I
had a “sleep over” in the spare bedroom in the basement.

And today?


Rest does that to you.

The other thing that will help you feel refreshed is to actually
get on a “sane” training regimen.

Here’s what I recommend for recovering Workout Junkies
(it’s a very simple formula that never fails to deliver spectacular
results in strength and even body composition over the long
term – key phrase – “long term”):

3 days a week of pure strength work, alternated with 3 days
of walking.

Yes, walking.

Keep your strength workouts purposefully short – no more than
30-40 minutes, max.

And then walk for about 30 minutes on the other days.

Take one day a week totally off. (I like Sundays.)

For your strength work, do a very simple and powerful 3 day
a week program that progressively overloads all the major
muscle groups in your body – hips, legs, back, shoulders, even
chest –

Using “big bang for your buck” exercises –

Again, my favorite – the Clean and Press.

And don’t waste your time trying to figure this all out – I’ve
done it all for you inside “Kettlebell STRONG!” –

It’s the perfect cure for the Workout Junkie.

It delivers the results you want, while providing the challenge
you need, without destroying your body (and life) in the process.

Get your copy here:

Talk soon.


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