The KEY To PROGRESS With KBs (#1 Lesson From The RKC 2) And Update From Yesterday


Just got back from a morning spent with my son. Now I
know why my wife is so tired all the time!

(BTW – I know I freaked people out with that last email about
my resignation cause I got a ton of emails. I’ll discuss more
about that later in this email…)

We went for a walk in the back pack, ate some breakfast,
and went to the Museum of Life & Science.

One of the things he was actually interested in most was
pushing the buttons on one of the exhibits in the space

It was hung on the wall and it was the Earth and a Space
Shuttle and a satellite orbiting it at different speeds.

The goal of the exhibit was to get the Space Shuttle to line
up with the satellite so it could dock. To do that you had two
different buttons to push.

Well, neither of us got it to dock – well, I almost did but my
son kept pushing the buttons and throwing off my orbiting…

Regardless, he was enthralled by all the spinning.

We probably spent 5-10 minutes at that one exhibit.

And that exhibit – the whole exhibit on Space and astronauts
got me thinking –

It’s just like kettlebell training – or at least KB training that
produces any results.

Think about it – President Kennedy announced the US’s
goal of putting a man on the moon on May 25, 1961.

The first lunar landing didn’t actually occur until July 20, 1969.

That’s a little more than 8 years, which, when you think about
it, isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things.

So what did it take to put a man on a moon?

And more importantly, how the heck does that relate to your
kettlebell progress?

I’ll tell you in a second, but let me tell you about some of the
things I taught at the RKC 2 this past weekend – and don’t
worry – it ALL ties in together.

As you’d probably figure out – I taught the techniques for the
double kettlebell training.

Now here was the interesting part:

Pretty much everyone there had been doing or had done
some, if not a lot of double kettlebell work.

(Why? For faster results in strength, fat loss, and conditioning.)

But pretty much everyone to the letter was missing this
ONE thing.

And when they actually “found” it, EVERYBODY’S technique
and strength improved.

What was it?

It’s THE KEY to making Progress – REAL, Sustainable, Measurable



And the candidates had to re-learn it when they learned the
advanced double kettlebell training techniques that I taught


Because they were new techniques.

And they had to be engrained in their nervous systems.

But it took practice.

And patience.

But it was well worth it for them – because the results in strength
and power were immediate.

Does this seem contradictory?

Being patient for “immediate” gains? For progress?

Well it’s not.

Not rushing through your set up on each lift…

Not ignoring internal feedback…

Not ignoring the outcome or each rep, each set…

All take patience.

And attention to detail.

And that’s how you make TRUE PROGRESS.

Not by jumping around from shiny object to shiny object –
from workout to workout – from program to program.

Patience takes practice, just like kettlebell training – or
anything in life you want to be great at. The good news is
once you get started, it’s not that hard.

And before you know it, you too, like the US Space Program,
can accomplish the seemingly impossible – and put your
own “man on the moon.”

It truly is THE Key to Progress.
About My Resignation Yesterday

I got a lot of emails yesterday – some of you weren’t surprised,
some of you were freaked out, and this was the first some of
you had heard about any of this.

(And of course people wanted to know if I was still going to
be sending out these emails.)


1. Why I left the RKC.

The RKC was a joint venture between Dragon Door and Pavel.

Pavel wrote the curriculum, DD did the marketing.

I got my RKC in 2005 because I wanted to know the secrets
Pavel knew about kettlebells and strength training that I did

Yes, the RKC is a community, but at the heart of that community
is, or should I say, “was,” Pavel.

As he continues to release cutting edge info, I want to be a part
of that.

Plus, I’ve had the good fortune to get to know Pavel over the
years and am happy to call him my friend. As such, I am
supporting him.

2. My relationship with Dragon Door.

Completely amicable. I have a lot of respect for what John
Du Cane has done. I have learned a lot from John too and
he has done a lot for me – for which I am truly grateful.

I left DD on good terms with him and will continue to support
DD in the ways that align with my ideals and principles.

And most importantly…

3. How all of this affects YOU!

It doesn’t.

Not at all.

Many have asked if I will still be doing my daily emails.

Yes I will.

Nothing will change.

So that’s it – that’s the scoop.

Now take your time setting up your sets today.

Talk more tomorrow.


P.S. One last thing about patience – if you REALLY want to
make progress then you’ll need to commit to doing something
with “progression.”


Here’s the next 6+ years worth of progress for you.


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