The LAST Thing You’d Ever Consider For Fat Loss…

How would you like to lose 90 pounds of pure blubber
and gain some high quality lean mass in only 20 weeks?

Well that’s EXACTLY what one of my private coaching
clients has accomplished.

I bet you want to know what programs he’s used to achieve
such stunning results, huh?

At the risk of sounding like a commercial, the first thing
he used was one of my pre-existing programs. The rest
has been customized programming specific to his needs.

Why am I telling you about him – or at least alluding to
his results?

(He’s actually agreed to do a future interview, which will
REALLY help you out – he’s, as they say, “da bomb!”)

Because of the PRINCIPLES you need to be aware of when
you’re trying to lose fat

In fact, I can virtually guaran-durn-tee that this principle
is probably the LAST THING anyone thinks about when they
go on a fat loss program.

It’s the principle of “CONTRAST.”

And it’s the last of the 5 Critical Variables for fat loss

programming success.

(Phew! That was a mouthful!)

See, Dr Arkady Vorobyev, my joint favorite Soviet sports
scientist (tied with A. Medvedyev) discovered that sharp,
near random changes in loads produced the best success
in training for strength.

The interesting thing I extrapolated out is that since the
body is always striving toward homeostasis (balance) –
doing like or similar programs is one of the surest ways
to diminish your gains, and even watch them stall out
right in front of your face.

Yet again why the wrong answer to burning more fat is

just “more swings.”

Uhhh… maybe.

Depends on what you were doing before.

Read that again.

Nevermind – I’ll just write it again:

It depends on what you were doing before.

What does?

Where you should start your fat loss program – what kind
of fat loss program you should be on.

Here’s what I mean:

If you’ve been on a predominantly strength based program
then the answer may indeed be as simple as “more swings.”

However, if you’ve been doing a lot of swings, the answer
may be – slow it down.

Or it may be – make it more complex – or even more dense.

See it all depends on your training history.

For example:

It is a well known fact that I hate breathing hard. So if
I were to design my own strength program, there would be
a heavy strength bias.


Cause I like strength.

But that’s the last thing I need to do.

If I really wanted to strip off some major body fat (no
I don’t have any major body fat at this point in my life –
just saying if I did…) I should do something that is
going to jack my heart rate up – like crazy – something
that finds my weaknesses.

Maybe complexes.

If I really wanted to be honest, I would do something that
was possibly even single KB, for the increased stabilization
demand and the resulting metabolic challenge.

(Although I don’t know – I do a lot of OS work, and my
stabilizers are well challenged through and by that.)

The point is, I would do the OPPOSITE of what I had

been doing and what I was naturally good at.


Because my body had become very efficient at the stuff
I like.

Incidentally, men and women are notorious for having their

I find guys gravitate toward the strength work while women
gravitate toward the endurance work provided by the KB

Therefore, guys, if you’ve been on a non-stop strength
cycle filled with grinds, but very few if any ballistics –

One of the keys to your fat loss is going to be to get onto
the ballistics. Spend some time loving them.

And ladies, if you’ve been doing the “one gazillion swing
challenge” for the last 6 months, it’s time to slow down.

Let your body recover and start training for strength.

This principle of training contrasts can be seen in the
idea of “waving the loads” – which is a key StrongFirst
program design principle.

The really cool thing is that you can actually contrast
your training from program-to-program – such as in month-to-
month programs OR –

Within the monthly/weekly program itself.

I have been using both with my client who’s seen the
amazing fat loss success.

And you can use both too.

Simply alternate workouts between the “STRONG!” and the
“One” program.

So you’re alternating a slow strength workout, designed to
elicit a maximum anabolic response, with an explosive, ballistic
workout that is so intense, not only will your conditioning
automatically improve, but your metabolic rate will shoot
through the roof – causing you to burn more fat while at rest.

“STRONG!” on Mondays and Thursdays, and “One” on Tuesdays
and Fridays.

The cool thing is that the loads will wave even within
each of the programs.

Grab your copy of the “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

The key take home point here is this:

For maximum fat loss results – results like my client is
currently experiencing, you need to implement training

It keeps your body from adapting and keeps stimulating change
in the body.

Or you can keep on doing whatever it is your doing that’s
not working for you.

I hope you’ll consider – no wait – forget that –

I hope you’ll embrace the former.

Talk soon.


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