The Little Things (Missing These?)

I’m sitting in the airport writing this, about to head home
after a weekend of training in Las Vegas.

One of the things we focused on were what I call “little
things” – just simple things that no matter how seemingly
small – make a BIG difference, when a) added up and b) over
time – namely whether I have a successful outcome.

As I look around and “people watch” I can’t help but wonder
how many people forget about these “little things.”

– The lady eating the Cinnabon cinnamon bun… Maybe it’s a
“treat” because she “deserves it”… Who knows…?

– The guys who were in line ahead of me who reaked of
alcohol… I’m sure they had a great time last night – but
was there any thought of the future… Who knows…?

To be clear – I’m not being judgmental here. Just wondering
out loud on paper…

How many people think about how the choices they make today
affect their long term goals – they’re “tomorrows?”

What’s this have to do with you?

Lots of things.



Depends really on you.

Case in point –

Got a text yesterday from a client.

He’d struggled for awhile to do the little things like
just workout a little bit every day and get out of the
mindset that he need to crush himself every time.

And we had to figure out a way for him to overcome his fear
of hurting his back again.

And we had to help him get his workouts in his busy schedule
– working around the birth of his second child.

The key to his success was focusing on the little things –

One or two things he could do daily or near daily to keep
him moving toward his goals – his long term goals.

And the little things don’t need to be complicated.

They can be as simple as –

+ Committing to workout/train 3 days a week

+ Committing to workout/train as little as 20-25′ a day

+ Committing to being consistent in whatever you choose
to do

One of the little things that adds up to long term success
is having a plan – not winging it – and sticking to that
plan come hell or high-water.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy plan either – just one that
you know has proven itself time and time again to get

A plan that rewards you for doing the little things and a
plan that will guarantee you a better tomorrow.

If you want a better, stronger tomorrow, get a copy of 

Gotta run – about to board.

Talk soon.


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