The Missing Secret From 90% Of Our Kettlebell Programs…

Up until the last couple of years, I had my own version or
idea of what “strong” was and what “fit” was.

When our son was born, I had already started to change
those ideas away from something skewed and dangerous
(all those injuries told me it wasn’t that good for me) toward
something more…

… healthy.



It’s a word we take for granted until our’s is in jeopardy.

Sure, we work out with our KBs and sling them to and fro –
but usually it’s with the idea of getting stronger or losing
weight. (I’m no exception here.)

But we fail to realize that those things are predicated first
and foremost on our health.

I’d say the focus on health is the Missing Secret to long-term
success with our kettlebell workouts.

If we start focusing in on our health, a lot of the other issues
like “strength” and “weight loss” will start to take care of themselves.

Here’s a blog post for you about a very simple way you can
start taking back your health and start improving your kettlebell

The major reason why you should click over now and read
the post is because you’ll learn why focusing on health
and the quickest way (imo) that you can do that. (It’s what
I did.)

Check it out –

Talk soon.


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