The Missing Workout Ingredient (Scientifically Proven)

Ahhh… Mondays!

It’s a rainy one here. Nice and cool. Makes for a
nice change from the 100 degree temperatures
we had earlier this summer.

Funny, when it’s too hot, we want the rain.

And when it’s too rainy, we want the sun.

The problem is the word “too” – it means different
things to different people.

Our kettlebell workouts are like that too.

What’s too hard for one person may be too hard
for another.

And that’s where the “Missing Workout Ingredient”
comes into play.

What is it?


This isn’t what you think – so hear me out.

Just like we need rest from the sun – rain – and rest
from the rain – sun, we also need to factor in REST
into our workouts.

Most of us like to see how much work we can do.

Me especially. I’m a work-a-holic.

But more work doesn’t necessarily mean you’re more
productive – that you see more results.

It only means you did more work.

With our workouts – the KEY to seeing success – i.e.
RESULTS – is to remember the following:

“It’s not how much work you do, it’s how much you can
recover from.”

For example, number 1 son has found his stride with
his sleep schedule – he made it all the way through the
night without waking up and has woken up between 530
and 6am the last 3 mornings.

As a result – both his Mom and I took two massive naps
this weekend.

Mommy has started losing weight again, with virtually
no change in eating habits. (Literally 5 pounds in the
space of a week.)

I asked her what she thought it was and she said it was
sleep – being able to get enough sleep – i.e., REST.

How’s that work?

Well did you know that scientific studies into sleep have
revealed that we need AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep each night?

I’ve reviewed about a dozen sleep studies on the connection
between lack of sleep and fat loss/gain and here are the
common results of people sleeping less than 7 hours:

– Cortisol levels increased along with overall weight gain
– Increased insulin resistance, making carbohydrate digestion
more difficult
– Appetite for sugars increased
– Inhibition regarding food choices decreased – so people
were more likely to give into their sugar cravings

Interesting stuff, huh?

How ’bout you?

How much sleep are you getting?

How much rest and recovery are you planning into your
kettlebell workout routines?

If you’ve stopped seeing the results you’re looking for
you may be a prime candidate for more rest and recovery.

So instead of looking to do more work, see what happens
when you do less.

Cut back.

If you’re stressed out and running around ragged cause
of your job or your kids, then you only need to we working
out 3 days a week.

No more – regardless if they help you with your stress
levels or not.

Get more rest and your stress levels will melt away.

So that means either more sleep, or less time working out
so your body can recovery.

And that means working out SMART.

And that means using kettlebell programs like these –

These allow you to get your workouts done in an unimaginably
short period of time each week leaving you time to de-stress
and rest.

So, remember, no rest and recover, no results. At least not
the positive ones you’re looking for.

Talk soon.


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