The Most Commonly Overlooked KB Workout “Success Factor”…

I want to ask you a quick question:

When was the last time you did a set of Swings that
lasted around a minute?

Or when was the last time you did a season of really
intense ballistic work with your KBs – you know the ones
I’m talking about –

Where you took a really heavy bell and did something
along the lines of workouts that actually REQUIRED
a work to rest ratio of 1 to 2?

(You know, like HEAVY 1H Swings?)

Or where you took a light KB and did sets of 20 on the
Snatch (yeah – 20 BOTH hands without resting) and then
resting only a short period of time – like a work to rest
ratio of 1 to 1?

If you’re like most people, it’s probably been awhile…

We tend to fall into workouts that are “comfortable.”

Now I’m not necessarily an advocate for those long sets
because many people don’t have technique thats’ good
enough for them nor do they have the required concentration.

But when you do have great technique and stellar
concentration (not to mention pain tolerance), that’s many
times where the “magic” happens.

What magic am I talking about?

The magic of advertising –

“Watch in amazement as high rep kettlebells let you hack
the fat off your meat – without the dishonor of aerobics and

That was one of the bullet points in the ad for the original
“Russian Kettlebell Challenge” book.

And it was one of the things that sold me on kettlebells.

Since then, I’ve talked to Pavel about this at length and
why more people don’t have that same experience.

Why is that?

Two reasons:

1. Their technique isn’t good enough to do the longer
sets (and they don’t have the mental fortitude / pain
tolerance necessary nor the patience to acquire said

2. If they can do these workouts, they overcompensate
for them by stuffing their pieholes (mouths) afterwards.
The workouts become a justification to eat more [junk].

And worse yet, many people have seen that ad and
translated it to –

“KBs burn fat.”

Uh, no.

Again, mentally and physically challenging high-rep KB
ballistics workouts performed over a given period of
time will burn fat.

(IF and only if you don’t compensate and stuff your face

Since that then disqualifies 80% of us, how then do we see
those kinds of results?

We must focus on the neglected “success factor” –


Wait – hear me out – it’s WAYYYY easier than you think.

You only “gotta” do two simple things:

1. You’ve only got to eat less of the bad stuff – you know
what this is –

Processed foods, sugar, ice cream, all that stuff…

… And more of the good stuff – like the grass fed skirt
steak and organic asparagus I had last night. (Mmmmm…)

(Yeah, yeah, I know it can be expensive, but it doesn’t
have to be – more on that in a minute.)


2. Since no one seems to have the time to cook anymore
get some easy “done-for-you” options.

Like my buddy Dale’s super healthy and good-for-you
Raw Protein Bars.

In fact, Dale’s having a “no-brainer” sale TODAY Only –

Buy One, Get One.

Buy a box of his delicious world famous raw protein
bars, get a second box FREE.

See, I told you – eating the good stuff can be cheaper
than you think. :-)

(Yeah, I know, I think he’s nuts too… but I’m still going
to take him up on his offer.)

Anyway, these are the ONLY protein bars we buy.

And we LOVE them.

They’re healthy, filling, and downright delicious – without
all those chemicals and fillers (and soy) that you find
in all the other protein bars.

If you haven’t had them yet, you’re really missing out.

And if you have, load up while Dale’s has temporarily
lost his mind and is giving away boxes of bars.

Here are the details of the BOGO sale:

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I think that’s a pretty sweet deal and yes, I WILL BE taking
advantage of it too.

Reprogram yourself for success – take care of the “food
thing” today. Start by getting some of Dale’s delicious
(and healthy) Raw Protein Bars.

Talk soon.


P.S. Just so you know – this BOGO – Buy One Get One
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You snooze, you lose!

P.P.S. Imagine what would happen if you combined
high rep ballistics, like my “King Sized Killer 2.0″ program
in “Kettlebell Express!” with nutrient dense, low calorie, all
natural foods…

The outcome is pretty much a no-brainer, right?

You’re right – you’d be leaner than you are now.

What are you waiting for?

P.P.P.S. If you’ve never heard me mention Dale or his
Raw Foods, check out this eye-opening interview I did
with him back in June where he reveals why pretty much
all commercial protein bars are unhealthy for you…

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