The MOST IMPORTANT Part Of Any Kettlebell Workout…

Just got back in the wee hours of this morning from this
year’s Summit of Strength.

It was just fantastic, if I do say so myself.

On Day 1 Brett Jones and I co-presented on using bodyweight
exercise to improve your strength and kettlebell lifting.

Some people were very surprised about some of the “holes”
in their training, which was great – that’s why we presented
on that topic.

Day 2 opened with Jeff O’Connor giving a brilliant and
methodic presentation of how to perform the Bent Press.

And we finished the afternoon with David “The Iron Tamer”
Whitley presenting on using Breath for strength and recovery.

I was blown away by both presentations.

I also realized I need to do more specific breath work.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who attended – it was great to
see new faces and some old faces.

That gets me to the point of this email – the MOST IMPORTANT
part of any kettlebell workout.

It’s actually twofold –

1. Is finding your weak links and fixing them.

2. Well, I’ll let one of the “old faces” from the Summit,
Michael Rossler, chime in.

(Michael and his wife Karen have spent their last 3 anniversaries
with us at the Summit – we are humbled and honored – thank you,

“I thought you would appreciate this, based on your stressing
how important nutrition is in your training programs (I think
Karen and I have all of them since Kettlebell Burn 2.0). As you
know, I had surgery for an inguinal hernia. I was told not to
lift anything over 10 pounds for four weeks as my recovery (that
actually included our two middle-aged portly cats). I was a good
boy and did what the doctor ordered.

Of course, I was back in the gym the day after my four weeks
were up. I recorded my stats prior to and after the four-week

Before: 165.2 lbs, 10.3% body fat, 140.8 lbs muscle mass
After: 163 lbs, 7.5% body fat, 143.4 lbs muscle mass

I know this isn’t scientific, but since I had the ‘before’ data
I frankly was curious to see how much my body fat and possibly
weight increased. I assumed it would since I was essentially
sedentary for four full weeks. I was surprised, but apparently
I am doing something right as to nutrition and diet.

As we discussed after your double kettlebell workshop in March,
I am practicing a combination of intermittent fasting, paleo
and Warrior Diet.

My take home message is that nutrition clearly is the most
important factor in body composition.”

Hmmm… How ’bout that?

ZERO kettlebell workouts for 4 weeks and LOST 2.8% bodyfat
and GAINED 2.4 pounds of muscle mass.


So clearly, FOOD is critically important to your success if
you’re using kettlebells to drop body fat.

Apart from finding and fixing your weak links, it is THE most
important thing.

As you can see, Michael didn’t even use KBs or do anything
for 4 weeks – under doctor’s orders – and look at his results.

Imagine what you could do if you got your nutrition on
point. Maybe you could stop working out so much.

Or maybe you would feel like you could actually fit your
workouts in – doing something short instead of something
crazy – like working out an hour every day or whatever to
make up for your poor eating habits.

Here is a simple way for you to start to get a handle on
this whole eating thing.

Start getting this eating thing right and who knows, you
could be like Michael and lose weight/fat from literally
doing absolutely nothing.

Your workouts would just be a bonus.

Talk soon.


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