The Most Important Part Of Your Kettlebell Technique?

Happy Hump Day to you, Amigo!

Hope you’re having a great day.

I took the last two days off to spend with my family.

Yesterday we went to the county fair.

It was great. Petting zoo. Sea Lion performance. The Birdman.

Kiddie Rides. Turkey legs. And the big inflatable bubble
that my son got to jump around in on top of a pool of

Of course we got a map and the day’s itinerary to the fair
that had where each and every event was and their times.

Every thing had its place, and except for one stubborn
goat (Isn’t that ironic?), it appeared that everything went
according to the organizer’s plans.

(Except the weather – which was windy, overcast, and
with a torrential downpour around 130pm.)

It was all in the set up.

And that’s what I want to talk about today.

The set up.

It’s arguably the most important part of your KB

ALL of your KB technique.

And chances are better than good that if it’s off on one
thing – like the Swing –

It’s off an almost EVERY thing.

Most people will just focus on the sets and the reps –

Getting the workout done.

Feeling “the burn.”

“Getting a good workout.”

Checking the box.

No bueno.

Everything matters.

Foot placement and spacing.

Hand (or hands) positioning on the KB.

Head position.

Body position.


Each one of these seemingly insignificant things on
their own, each accumulate to produce safe, efficient,
maximal power output.

And that power output is important because a higher
power output = more work done.

And more work done = more results.

Faster results.

An Example:

Thumbs at 10 and 2 (left and right respectively) on
the KB or thumbs at 8 and 4 (again, left and right

The difference is startling for about 80% of the people
who switch from 8 and 4 to 10 and 2.

That’s too big a difference to ignore.

I go into great detail about the “why” of this in my
“Kettlebell STRONG!” DVDs.

The key point to remember here is if you spend your
time focused on your set up, the rest of your technique
“falls” into place almost automatically.

It’s just a matter of reverse engineering your set up
to get the rest of it in place.

(Like the backswing on your KB ballistics.)

Set up is important.

It enhances your strength – sometimes instantaneously.

And it keeps you safe, so you can swing your KBs
or whatever with them for the rest of your life.

Don’t overlook it.

Especially when “playing” with double kettlebells.

Get your set up with your double kettlebells straight
with “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

(Many people have asked me if these techniques
apply to the single KB lifts. Yes. Absolutely.)

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.


P.S. Almost forgot – if you live in Southeast Asia, or
anywhere close – like Australia, New Zealand, or –
well – you know where you live –

I’m holding a full day “Kettlebell STRONG!” workshop
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