The Most Overlooked KB “Exercise”?

There are a lot of exercises, or pieces of exercises
that we tend to overlook, or discount in the KB world.

And that’s too bad, because when done routinely, or
even for a season, they pay big dividends.

I’ll tell you about one in a second, but first, let me give
you the “set up.”

I got to spend a lot of time with my son this weekend.

I’m constantly amazed at how much energy he has.

And the things he can do.

I’m almost certain that if he’s not a musician (he loves
music and the guitar) that he’s going to be a wrestler –
maybe both.

We were horsing around on the bed and every time
he ends up on his back, he posts up on the top of his
head, arches his back, and rolls onto his stomach.

See? Wrestler.

It’s natural.

Rolling that is.

Yet very few of us do it. Any of it.

That’s why I think the 1/2 Get Up – just doing the Get
Up to the hand is so valuable.

It’s a form of rolling.

It’s basically a half roll – under load.

And when done correctly, it’ll really make you stronger
– a LOT stronger – all over.


Cause rolling is what Gray Cook calls a “Primitive
Movement Pattern” – one of the movement patterns
we’re born with – or born to do.

It’s one of the patterns we “learn” or develop in order
to get us upright and walking.

Here’s the really cool thing about it the 1/2 Get Up –

Because it’s a rolling pattern, it crosses the midline
of your body. And whenever you cross the midline
of you body, you literally become smarter and stronger.

Your brain creates more synapses and the ones you
already have become stronger through a process
called myelination – or the building of myelin – the
fatty sheath around nerve fibers that conducts the
nerve impulses.

So the thicker the myelin, the faster the transmission
from the brain to the motor units in the muscle.

So you end up with a stronger contraction.

You also end up more coordinated.

(That’s one of the reasons we include rolling and
rolling patterns into “Becoming Bulletproof” as a

So let me ask you this –

When was the last time you spent any significant
time doing the 1/2 Get Up?

I mean really working on it – taking your time and
proving to yourself that you own each part of the
movement – not just flinging yourself up through
the elbow to the hand?

(You know you’re flinging yourself up when you
stick your neck out like a chicken and your the
leg that’s supposed to be straight pops up off
the floor.)

Rolling is important.

It’ll make you stronger.

That’s why the 1/2 Get Up is included in the first
month’s program of the “Kettlebell Burn Inner Circle”
– called the “Four Corners Program.”

And when you combine the 1/2 Get Up with other
specialized exercises based on the developmental
sequence, you’ll recapture the natural space (flexibility
and mobility) that you’ve lost by sitting on your butt in
front of a computer for all these years –

It’s actually one of those rare times that you get much
stronger by using less weight.

Don’t take my word for it though –

Here’s what Inner Circle Member Bob Munds said
about it:

“Getting ready to start the Hybrid Reconstruction. The
timing of 4-Corners was perfect. Golf season is just
starting here in Central IL (cool, wet & nasty the past
few weeks). The added mobility in the hips & shoulders
has shown dividends already – especially in the wallet.”
– Bob Munds

If you want to see the kind of dividends the Inner
Circle can pay you, get started on the “Four Corners”
program today by clicking the link below:

Keep on rollin’.


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