The Most UNDERRATED Method For Improving Your Snatch…

I love the Snatch.

You should too.

It’s a phenomenal lift.

It uses the entire body and really smokes the heart and lungs
especially when you go either light for high reps or heavy
for low reps.

And that’s the MOST UNDERRATED method of improving
your Snatch.

Heavy. Low reps.

But don’t you even DARE think about doing them. Not yet.

You better make sure you have ALL the other key elements in
place otherwise you’re probably going to destroy your shoulders.

And, no, that’s not me exaggerating.

So what are those other key elements?

Well think of these as FOUNDATIONS upon which to build up
to those heavy, low rep snatches.

Here’s what you need –

1. Great hip mechanics and a powerful Swing

Spend a lot of time doing your Swings. Heavy 1H Swings work
great for transferring over to the Snatch.

2. Great shoulder mobility, strength, and resilience

There’s not really anything better than the Get Up and the RKC
Arm Bar for this. You really just gotta get your reps in and open
up ‘dem shoulders.

3. Great thoracic spine mobility

Ditto #2.

4. Strong Abs

Yeah, this is one that most people ignore. But the truth is, when
that bell is hanging out over your head pulling back against your
wrist, guess what keeps that sucker from hurting your lower back?

Uh-huh – your abs.

So get some ab work – no, correction – get A LOT of ab work in.

Planks. L-Sits. Dragon Flags. Hanging Leg Raises. Etc, etc, etc,…

Now once you got that down – and don’t rush it, you’ll be ready for
some serious heavy Snatch work – like the “King-Sized Killer” in
“Kettlebell Express!” where you take the Snatch and DOMINATE

Between that and “King-Sized Killer 2.0″ you could outright OWN
the Snatch and a very lean, powerful, and well-conditioned
machine – uh, I mean, body.

Become a “King-Sized Killer” here.

Talk soon.


P.S. I guess it should go without saying that there’s a #5 – but I kinda
just took it for granted that you would know what it is – that is, you
should have great Snatch technique. I thought I should put it in here
just in case though…

P.P.S One more thing – don’t worry if you’re not ready to be a “King-
Sized Killer” yet,you can still build yourself up to it with “Swing
Seasons 1,2, and 3″ and “Gettin’ Down With The Get Up 1&2″ also

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