The New James Bond KB Workout (PICS)

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The new James Bond film, SPECTRE opens tonight here in the States.

I’m a big Bond fan – especially of Daniel Craig.  Unfortunately, it’s our babysitter’s birthday and for some strange reason, she doesn’t want to spend it watching our children. Sheeesh… Kids these days… ;-)

Anyway, I hope this new movie is as good as the last one, Skyfall was.

One of my favorite scenes from it was when Bond is having a “secret” meeting with Q in London’s National Gallery.

Q gives him a small black case with a gun and a small transponder radio.

Bond complains about the lack of technical gadgetry.

And, Q, with a tip of the hat to the campy Roger Moore Bond days, responds –

“Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don’t really go in for that anymore.”



That makes me think of what a “New” 007 KB workout would

This one’s simple – and fitting – keeping in the tradition of the Daniel Craig, nitty-gritty, low-tech Bond.

It would be a high volume, high density, short duration double KB workout.

Here it is:

Grab a pair of kettlebells and do multiple sets of Clean + Presses.

Take no more than 30 minutes, 3 x a week – After all, you have dinner parties to attend, marksmanship training, and intelligence briefings.

What kind of sets and reps?

You want the perfect blend so you can build up some muscle along with your strength (cause muscle puts meat on your frame to fill out your Saville Row tailored suit, making people think twice about messing with you) and –

Something that will build your conditioning levels up at the same time –

So you can chase down all the bad guys’ henchmen without running out of gas.

That’s why I recommend a rep range of 3 to 6.

And again, your rest will be just enough to keep your heart rate up while allowing you to complete your reps.

The good thing about this style of training is that it produces lactic acid, which stimulates fat-burning enzymes, which in turn stimulates growth hormone – one of your primary fat-burning hormones.

And of course that means you don’t have to be quite as strict as you normally would on your diet.

That’s good, because that leaves room for one or two vodka martinis (shaken, not stirred of course).

How well will this really work for you?

Well my buddy, John Grahill, sent me this email about double KB Clean + Presses, in which he said –

So, you can build your own double KB Clean + Press workout, or you can do what John’s doing – the “STRONG!” workout.

Remember, although James Bond is a highly skilled, highly trained secret agent, he still has a team, namely Q branch, behind him, ensuring his success, even if it is “just” a gun and a radio.

Get your “top secret” “Kettlebell STRONG!” workout here – it’s “For Your Eyes Only.”

Talk soon (from an undisclosed and semi-remote location),


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