The New Year’s Workout Lie

We’re a week away.

From what?

That time of year.

You know –

When most people quit on their New Year’s Resolution to “get in shape.”

Gyms empty out and kettlebells start collecting dust.

All because of a LIE.

What lie?

The lie that there’s something “magical” about the New Year. “Magically” all that junk from years past will be erased and you can start over – start “fresh.”


The TRUTH is –

EVERY DAY is New Year’s Day.

Read that again so it sinks in.

You CAN start over every day.

Failure is not an annual sentence that can only be commuted once a year.

You fall of the “workout wagon” already?

No biggie.

Jump back on.

No guilt.

No condemnation.

No shame.

Fresh start.

Every day.

Of course, this begs the question:

“What’s it take to STAY on the ‘wagon’?”

Having a focused, ebbing and flowing plan – that eliminates your weaknesses and makes your strengths stronger –

Both in the short term and the long run.

And the having a longer term focus is how you “win” in both your workouts and life.

Get in it to win it here.

Talk soon.


PS – Remember – you CAN start over every day. Part of doing so is getting a clear vision of where you want to be –

And WHO you want to be both today and in the long run.

This will help you focus your vision.

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