The One About “Little Hinges”…

Don’t you love seeing “big changes?”

Or “big results?”

I know I do.

For example, I was doing a FaceTime call with one of my private clients last week and she wanted to clean up her Snatch technique.

She was feeling like she was yanking it with her arms. I watched her technique, and made one suggestion about foot position and –


Effortless Snatches.

She checked in yesterday and even though she’d been practicing her new technique – her callus line on her hands was getting smaller, not larger.

Which means that there’s less wear and tear on her hands because more of her lower body is involved in the movement.

Another example –

I spoke with another one of my clients on Tuesday and he FINALLY made the ONE change he knew he needed to make but couldn’t bring himself to make.

He’d danced around it for… years.

He changed just ONE simple thing about his diet.

The result?

Way more energy. Elimination of joint pain, and looser pants in less than 2 weeks.

What’s my point in telling you this?


You may have heard the phrase –

“Big doors swing on little hinges.”
– W. Clement Stone

Or maybe not.

The point is, you can make Big Changes or see Big Results by making seemingly small decisions, or small, tactical and precise changes.

Here’s an example of what I mean –

Many people “dream” of “losing weight” but won’t take the necessary steps to even start the process.

I’ve met people who refuse to change their eating habits yet are perplexed when they not only don’t “lose weight,” but continue to gain more.

Sure, there’s a lot of confusing and even contradictory information “out there,” but still, take one step…

Here’s another –

The kettlebell, as awesome as it is for changing your body, has no inherent “magical” properties.

The “magic” happens in actually picking the thing up and using it.

No amount of dreaming, wishing, or talking about KB workouts actually makes them happen.

You have to get moving to experience these types of changes.

For my female client, she had actually been training and even took the big step of getting her SFG instructor cert.

My male client had actually been working on tweaking his diet for quite some time.

They actually had “doors” to swing.

And you must too.

Hinges are designed for doors. They do no good if they stay wrapped in their plastic bags in your tool box or in their bins at the hardware store.

Your “doors” to change are the things you know you should be doing but aren’t.

+ Swinging your kettlebells consistently

+ Managing what you put in your mouth

Pretty simple.

Start there.

Then you’ll find your “little hinges.”

Stay Strong.

P.S. One of the easiest ways to put up your “doors” is to commit to doing something with your KBs every day.


Consistency breeds commitment.

Consistency breeds motivation.

Motivation produces success.

You can either make up your own stuff or get the “done-for-you” version here.

P.P.S Don’t know if you saw this yesterday or not, but I put together a double KB video resource page for you here.

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