The Only 3 Reasons You’re Not Making Faster Progress…

Real quick thought for today –

If you’re not making progress at a pace
which you’d like, then –

1. You’re not working enough.


2. You’re working too much.


3. Your workout program sucks.

(Sorry to be blunt – but sometimes
we all need the proverbial “wake
up call.”)

And it’s really THAT simple.

Which category do you fall into?
1. Not Working Enough

This one’s easy to spot – missed workouts,
abbreviated workouts, or no workouts at

THE FIX: Get with a program, any program.

Just pick one and do it.

The least painful one, not the most
exciting is what you need to get going.

It’s the whole “path of least resistance”
thing working. Pick what you think you can
do in a drunken stupor – with the flu.

You don’t have to get it perfectly right –

You just have to get it going.

Get it going with these –


2. Working Out Too Much

This one’s a little more subtle.

But you know who you are – you’re the
compulsive or chronic exerciser.

Yeah, you know, you work out to relieve

And you work out through the aches and
the pains.

In fact, the more you hurt, the more
you see it as a challenge to overcome.

You will not be beaten!

Until you can no longer move or you
keep getting weaker – or fatter – or
worse yet – both.

(Been there, done that, got the t-shirt –
it wasn’t worth it…)

So you have to find another avenue for
your stress relief.

I’ve found walking very enjoyable.

In the mean time, you’ve gotta cut your
workouts back – way back – cause, man,
you’re killing yourself.

Workouts are designed for a specific
goal – other than killing yourself

So throttle back, man.

Throttle back with these –


3. Your Workouts Suck

Look, here’s the deal – if you do
anything other than design workouts
or train people for a living, then
you have no business designing your
own workouts.

It’s just that simple.


Cause your time is better spent doing
other things – more important things.

What you’re doing is trading time –
which you can never replace – for
money – so you can save a few bucks –
which can always be made back.

Yeah, you may not like the sound of
that, but it’s true – and deep inside
you know it.

You just don’t want it pointed out to

And that’s ok – I get that – but I’d
be doing you a disservice as your
de facto coach.

My job is to point you in the right
direction to help you accomplish what
you say you want to accomplish.

And sometimes, be blunt.

You just need to put away your pride,
your ego, and let someone help you

You just need to get your hands on
some professionally designed programs
and you’ll be all set.

Get your hands on these –

So what’s your reason?

Regardless of what it is, these will get you
faster results –


Isn’t it time you started seeing the
results you really want instead of
spinning your wheels?

I think so.

Deep inside, I think you think so to.

So give yourself an early Christmas
or Hanukkah present with these –


Talk soon.


P.S. Make 2012 better than 2011 – treat
yourself like the Champion you know
you are deep inside –


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