The “Perfect” KB Program?

I’m always thinking about “optimization” and time-efficiency.

I’m always on a schedule because, well, my life is hectic
and needs to be well-ordered in order to get things done.

That, plus, I never know when a “grenade” is going to get
thrown at me.

(A “grenade” is an unexpected issue or event that interrupts
my plans and makes me jump, scramble, and rearrange.
Probably not the best choice of words, but it’s how I can
best describe it on limited sleep.)

I think there are several “perfect” programs based on your
KB skill level.

The “perfect” program uses all the muscles in your body.

It is time-efficient and gets the job done – in other words,
it’s job is not to entertain you with “new” and “exciting”
exercises – it’s job is to produce results for you.


Novel concept.

It’s the one thing everyone says they want, and yet its the
one thing that eludes everyone.

At least the specific and exact results they want.

And most importantly to me – they work – or rather,
are workable – no matter how many “grenades” get thrown
at me.

So, here’s a quick list of “perfect” programs based on your
skill level using the olde cattleballz:

If you’re a novice, nothing is better than the Program
Minimum in “Simple & Sinister.”

If you’re an intermediate, I think you should split your time
between the Rite of Passage in “Enter the Kettlebell”
and practicing your double kettlebell techniques.

(Alternate blocks of each: 6 weeks of one, 6 weeks of the
other. Repeat until strong.)

And if you’re intermediate to advanced, you need to go on
a full-blown double kettlebell program.

I like any combo of the following:

Clean, Press, Squat.

So, Clean + Press.

Clean + Squat.

Squat + Press.

You get the idea.


Because you train most of the major movement patterns in
the body.

Push. Pull. Hinge. Squat.

You can mix these up in any order for any rep/set combo
you’d like.

You can do straight sets or combos or even complexes.

(Just remember to program from simple to complex first.)

Speaking of practicing your technique – make sure you
know the “in’s and out’s” of double KB technique training.

Otherwise you’re building your “perfect” workout on an
imperfect foundation.

And that will lead to two things:

1. Poor results from an “artificial ceiling” –

An inability to progress because you don’t have your technique

And/or –

2. Injury

When you’re technique is off, your body’s alignment is off.
And that means you’re using muscles for jobs they’re not
supposed to be doing. This puts unnecessary strain on them
and your joints.

Eventually something goes “sproing!”

I’ve detailed step-by-step the techniques for all the major
double kettlebell exercises for you in a 3.5+ DVD set:

Double Swing
Double Press
Double Clean
Double Front Squat
Double Push Press
Double High Pull
Double Jerk
Double Snatch
Double Clean and Jerk

You’ll need to know how to do these properly to truly make
your “perfect” workout “perfect.”

You’ll also want to grab a very simple, “perfect workout”
program with all the sets, reps, and rest periods written out
for you so you don’t have to figure that out for yourself.

Conveniently, both are found inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

It’s the only resource of its kind (that I’m aware of) on the
market today –

A deep-dive into double kettlebell technique + a long-term,
sustainable, results-producing training plan.

Get your copy here – and start your “perfect” KB program.

Talk soon.


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