The “Poop” On The Press

Yesterday was a big day for my son.

After a half day tramping around San Francisco
we came back to the hotel and the boy said he
had to go to the bathroom – make a stinky.

Now bear with me here, you’ll see what this has
to do with your Press in a second…

Anyway, we’ve been potty training him and
things are generally going well.

But the hotel didn’t have any of the little toilet
seats (What are they thinking? Doesn’t everybody
have a toddler?)

So Daddy held him on the big seat (first time) and
he did his business.

The really cool thing about the human body is
that you don’t really have to think too hard about
“doing your business.”

It’s hardwired into you – it’s a reflex.

And that’s one of the keys to having a strong Press.

No, not being able to poop – but having strong reflexes.

It’s called “reflexive stability” and it’s essentially your
body’s ability to subconsciously anticipate movement
and be able to stabilize your joints in preparation for
that movement.

Well, that’s the short of it anyway.

And you learn how to do that from before you’re born
til you’re about 3.

(Long story.)

But when you sit on your butt all day long, you start to
lose your reflexive stability.

Think of it as “erosion.”

And this “reflexive erosion” means you literally have to
work harder (in a bad way) when you’re trying to press
big numbers.


Cause believe it or not, the Press is a pretty complicated
movement. In order to do it correctly and push up big
numbers, you’ve got to be able to align everything in your
body – literally stacking everything on top of everything

You’ve gotta form a pillar – a stable pillar from which to

And if you’re lacking reflexive stability, you’re pillar will
be all wobbly.

Especially if you’re lacking reflexive core stability.

That’s where part of your abdominal musculature contracts
to protect your spine under load. And it’s supposed to
contract automatically.

But this process is inhibited from sitting around on our
butts all day long.

(We alluded to this yesterday in part 2.)

And most people don’t know how to fix it.

Sure, you can use high tension techniques, but that
just masks the problem.

But don’t worry, in month 1, “The Four Corners” program,
of the Kettlebell Burn Inner Circle, we’ll fix it.

We’ve got 4 different exercises that will simultaneously
help you fix your reflexive stability, regain lost space in
your body (increase mobility and flexibility), and believe
it or not – improve your conditioning.

And that’s just month 1.

Reflexive stability (including reflexive core stability) is
something that we focus on a lot.

It’s the foundation for your strength.

In fact, month 2, the “Hybrid Reconstruction” program
is completely devoted to this concept of reflexive
[core] stability.

And it yields big presses.

Gotta run – off to spend the next 3 days buried in

Have a great weekend.


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