The Post-Halloween Candy Gut Workout (™)

So, it’s 2 days after Halloween, that wonderful tradition where
we gorge ourselves on all the extra candy that we “accidentally”
bought to “give away” because it’s not good for your kids to eat
all of that…

And in the meantime, it’s amazing how those little candy bars,
treats, and whatnots seem to add up.

There’s a couple extra pounds on the scale today and the
pants fit a little more snugly…

So let’s burn some off those calories off today, shall we?

You’ll “only” need one KB today – medium weight.

Perform the following as a complex – so no rest between
exercises and don’t put the bell down until you’re done with
all the reps – on both sides.

Get Up x3, then on your last rep, don’t get down, move to the –
Press x5
Snatch x5
Squat x5
Push Press x5, hold the last one up, then
Get Down

That’s one side, then switch and do the other side.

(You’re welcome. :-] )

Rest up to twice as long as it takes you to complete both sides
but no longer.

Repeat this bad boy for up to 5 rounds.

All the asymmetrical loading will give your abs some extra
special attention today.

Single KB complexes and chains (where you do one rep of
multiple exercises in a row without putting the bell down and then
repeat the sequence) are a great way to increase your “stability

“Stability strength” is a form of strength that challenges your
body’s ability to anticipate movement and then contract the
correct muscles at the optimal times around the joints involved
in that movement.

(Also known as “reflexive stability.”)

Because of the asymmetrical loading, there’s a high neural
demand, which in turn burns a ton of calories.

Single KB complexes and chains are handy weapons in your
training arsenal and have multiple uses.

Building stability strength and burning calories are two of

Sheer time efficiency is another.

By doing single KB complexes and chains working out 20
minutes a day, 3 days a week could easily be “all” you need to

There are 11 single KB complexes and chains to challenge
your stability strength and burn off those extra Halloween calories
inside “Kettlebell Express!” along with 38 other programs.

Burn off your “candy gut” below:

Have a great weekend.


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