The Power Of “Simple”

Just finished up a great weekend at our Original Strength
Level 2 course.

Pretty amazing event – almost 40 people from as far away
as Italy packed into tiny little Fuquay-Varina, NC to learn an
amazingly simple and easy movement restoration system.

(Pronounced “FEW-qway Va-RINA”… I think.)

What’s this have to do with your KB training?

Hold on a second… I’ll tell you.

One of the “craziest” things about OS is how simple it is.

You just do 5 resets or a their regressions and Voila!

Your body functions better than it has in maybe years and
continues to do so the more you continue to do them.

People gain new ranges of motion, see instantaneous strength
gains, and generally end up grinning ear-to-ear in disbelief.

All from the sheer and stunning simplicity of it all.

Your KB training should be the same way.

You don’t have to have fancy workouts.

You don’t need to have workouts that include 5, 6, or 7
KB exercises.

Sometimes one will do.

Especially if you just FOCUS on what you’re doing – Being
present can do amazing things for your progress and your

For example, many beginners make great gains doing “just”

The Snatch is a great exercise that will give you a lot a mileage
if your an intermediate lifter – assuming you have healthy

And when you’ve put your “time” in – been lifting using KBs
for around a year – you can see big time results “just” doing
something like Clean + Presses.

For example, one of my very good customers and friends,
Andrei Jablokow, who was at OS 2, shared with me yesterday
how he’s amazed that he can get so much work done in
just 10 minutes.

Last time I talked with Andrei, he was using a pair of KBs and
doing Clean + Presses – following the “STRONG!” program.

Nothing but you, your pair of KBs, and some Clean + Presses
two to three times per week, whatever fits into your schedule.

Looks simple on paper.

Even starts out easy the first couple of workouts.

It stays simple, but becomes challenging.

You get strong.

You even put on a little bit of muscle and hack off a little bit
of fat – almost without trying.

Shoot, the “STRONG!” program is so simple, that you end up
doing 60 reps – 10 sets of 6 with your old 4-5 rep max.

The beautiful thing about this type of training is that you can
get very strong and see amazing results from your training
allowing you to “do life” – the things you want to do.

Like travel.

Speaking of…

Off to England and a visit to my parents, then on to Prague
for an OS Foundations Level 1 workshop and a Kettlebell
STRONG! workshop next weekend.

Good thing I keep my workouts simple – with the right
combination of volume and intensity so I don’t have to
worry about my travel schedule throwing off my strength
gains or regressing in any way.

If you’re looking to simplify your workouts and see profound
results in strength and even conditioning levels, then I

Talk soon.


P.S. If you really want to get strong, well conditioned, and
even lose some body fat, do what my private online clients
and I do – base your double KB training – like “Kettlebell
STRONG!” on top of “Original Strength” and start making
gains you haven’t seen before.

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