The Prague “Pick-Me-Up” [WORKOUT INSIDE]

Happy Friday to you!

I’m over here in beautiful Prague with my buddy Joe
Sansalone about to teach an OS workshop tomorrow
and Sunday and doing a “Kettlebell STRONG!”
workshop tonight at my friend Pavel Macek’s place.

Speaking of, got in about 7pm to the hotel and then
went over to one of Pavel’s gyms – he has two here –
one for men and one for women – he’s really changing
the shape of the “fitness” landscape here.

(He showed me a video of the women training and they
are really strong (and lean)).

Anyway, did a quick workout / training session and
I thought you might enjoy it.

It’s a good “no-brainer” that helps you cement your
technique without pushing yourself too hard –

Perfect for traveling.

Here’s what I did last night:

C+P x5 w/ 32s
Front Squat x 5 w/32s

C+P x3 w/36s
Front Squat x 3 w/36s

C+P x2 w/40s
Front Squat x2 w/40s

Repeat for 2 rounds.

Rest about 60s-90s between sets.

Again, the point of this type of training session isn’t
to kill, smoke, or dust yourself.

And it’ll only take about 20 minutes. (That’s how long
it took me.)

It’s to knock the rust off when you’re tired and as I
said earlier, to help you train your technique without
creating too much (if any) fatigue.

Of course, that’s assuming your technique is solid
in the first place.

Most people need direction on their double KB technique –

I’m betting you do too.

(I did. Spent years refining it.)

Here’s where you get it.

Gotta run – Pavel’s taking Joe and I on a tour of the city.
It’s going to be great.

Talk soon.


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