The “Rant” against “Big Biceps”… (Not PC)

I’ll tell you right up front, I’m not sure exactly where this is going… So if you stick with me today you’ll likely be either entertained or offended or both.

I saw a very confusing news report yesterday “warning” of the “dangers” of big biceps.

Apparently, wanting big biceps “advances unhealthy masculinity.”

What the ____?

Yeah… That was my thought too.

I clicked through the link and had to wade through a bunch of PC nonsense.

One of the people quoted in the article was a young “man” who had just graduated from college and was the first man from his school with a degree in Women’s Studies.

The first thing that popped into my mind was –

“Let me get this straight – you want me to take advice from an early 20-something male who majored in studying “women’s issues”?”


Has this world not gone completely insane?

Look, I don’t care if you have or want big biceps.I personally don’t train for them.

Do I have big arms?

Big enough to get the job done.

One of the things “big biceps” symbolize – and thus I can see the appeal –

Is Physical Strength.

And that’s important whether your a man OR a woman.

(I’d argue it’s probably MORE important for a woman, since they are naturally and genetically smaller and weaker than men, and as a result, are often the subjects of violence by males. Notice how I didn’t say “men” there? REAL men NEVER assault or abuse women – or anybody else for that matter.)

What’s more important than big biceps is a strong lower back, strong midsection, strong legs, and strong shoulders.

Along of course with a strong, healthy heart.

And yes, that last statement is a double entendre.

Arguably the best and fastest way to get “all over strong” is to use a pair of kettlebells.

Squat them.

Clean them.

Press them.

Swing them.

It challenges you physically and mentally.

Even emotionally.

Whether your a man or a woman.

And the fastest, most non-PC way to start using a pair of KBs is “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

(PC DISCLAIMER: Women will not become overly masculine – nor masculine at all – from using a pair of KBs. They’ll gain more shape – more curves – that is – if you think women should have curves.)

“Man Up” and get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


P.S. In that “article” one of the participants said “Man Up” was one of his most hated sayings.

I get it if it’s taken out of context.

But daggum it – sometimes you do just have to “Man Up” and do the things you don’t want to do.

Taking care of yourself physically so you can be there for your loved ones and participate fully in their lives is one such thing.

Training with a pair of KBs is one such way you can “get ‘er done” without spending a whole lot of time working out.

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