The REAL Difference Between Strength & Fat Loss Workouts

Gotta make this quick today – pinched for time.

The boy is prepping us for the arrival of his sister by
waking up in the middle of the night again, so my
energy is not what it should be.

(Thanks, buddy!)


Look, here’s the REAL difference –

You ready for this?

There are 2 factors:

1. Nutrition.

This one’s pretty simple.

Eat less than your body requires over the long term and
you will “force” your body to tap into its energy reserves –

Your fat stores.

Do this long enough and you end up lean.

The problem is, that most of us in our fast food world what
instant iResults at the flick of a switch, the touch of a button.

That kind of thinking will rob you of your results every single
time – but I digress.


2. Fatigue Management.

When training for absolute strength gains, whether KB,
bodyweight, and especially barbell, fatigue must be
avoided like the plague.

When training for fat loss, fatigue must be well managed.

This is done a variety of ways: Circuits, supersets, complexes,

Now here’s the really interesting part:

If you know what you’re doing, you can take a pure strength
program and make it a fat loss program…


Still get stronger in the process.

It’s all about managing that fatigue and using it to your

That can be done in the same workout or in the same

The key is that you manage it correctly.

A very simple way to do that is by doing a strength focused
session one day, like “STRONG!” followed by a conditioning
based session the next, like “One”.

Combine these two programs, which coincidentally, work
synergistically with one another, and you’ll have yourself
a stronger, leaner body, in as little as 4 weeks from today.

Gotta bounce – have a great one!


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